NaBloPoMo Day 11

Here’s me: Totally counts as a post, right? Love you – see you tomorrow! XO

Taste the Rainbow

That sounded like an awesome idea right up until the pediatrician clarified she didn’t mean eat more Skittles.  She meant buy, cook, and serve vegetables in every color of the rainbow. Steak is a color right? Here’s what I can cook:  beef, pasta, and potatoes.  I can also microwave green beans yay! Full disclosure:  vegetables […]

Drama Olympics

Welcome to the Drama Olympics

“Finished” has multiple meanings

Por exemplo, to some people, “I’m finished” looks like this:    To other people (me), this is the opposite of “finished.”  This is more:  the Chaos Gods will climb out of the earth and eat your soul if you leave it like this. I’m not saying one definition is right.  I’m just objectivley noting that […]

Feline Fashion Week

Lounge on art, become art. -Olive

Obviously I’m a unicorn

Friday, November 6th Recap: Choreographed silly dance for upcoming Flash Mob Birthday celebration.  It will be legitimate blackmail for everyone involved, including me. Participated in two conference calls about very important things that I immediately forgot because Fall Festival! Parked illegally in front of Anna’s school and hauled in enough face paint for 500 elementary […]

Tips (I said tip) for an Awesome Friday…at Work.

If you want to read something positive and helpful, this post is not for you.  Read Tips for an Awesome Monday instead and then close the page. THIS post is for everyone else. F – Fuck it.  Start with this attitude and lean on it as hard as you can for the entire day. R – Respond […]