Work mouth

Corporate jargon is so dumb it makes my face itch.  Unless there is a golf ball involved, no one should be “teeing it up” at the next meeting.  I also don’t like anyone’s chances of “ideating” unless they live on a planet where that’s a real word.  My grandmother would laugh her ass off if she heard any of this nonsense.  Actually, no she wouldn’t.  She would raise a disapproving eyebrow, and give the gentle reminder that people succeeded in the business world for decades without the insufferable need to invent (un)clever ways to say “please call Jim about that.”  And then she would march her Italian shoes and fabulous scarf down the hall and get back to work.  In her honor, the next time I hear anyone say “circle back” and “reach out,” I’m going to whisper, “please stop saying circle jerk and reach-around at work.  You’re making people uncomfortable.”


  1. Yeah…. if you could go ahead and write more posts like this, that would be greeeeeeat, mmmm’kay? Seriously, this brought me back to my corporate days and reminded me why I love being my own boss. Keep up the great work!, -T

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