Tips (I said tip) for an Awesome Friday…at Work.

If you want to read something positive and helpful, this post is not for you.  Read Tips for an Awesome Monday instead and then close the page. THIS post is for everyone else. F – Fuck it.  Start with this attitude and lean on it as hard as you can for the entire day. R – Respond […]

Helmet Stickers for Girls

I learned a very important piece of information about college football yesterday:  boys get stickers for being good!  AND they get to put them on their helmets so everyone knows how awesome they are! I LOVE stickers.  But I’m not going to play football. So I made some for girls. Your hormones told you to murder […]

#TBThursday: why leg warmers will always reign supreme

Because this video…   Have an awesome Thursday, y’all! Love, Molly

Hangover Barbie, Jugglers and Angry Cats

This thong with pretend pubes on it. One of my besties in a pink bunny costume. The definitive poll on being eaten by a shark. My DYI hair color skills. Extreme Make-over Home Edition:  Anna’s room. Me and Anna impersonating Sanford and Son. Twice. Jugglers in my front yard.  Because that’s what we do. Trumpet […]

Take it Off

I broke the fall with my hand. At my cousin’s house.  At her kid’s birthday party.  In broad daylight. File under:  good embarrassing times. Here’s what was happening precisely 11 minutes before that happened: Specifically, “Heeeeeeey!  Oh my gaahhhhhhd you’re here!  I’m so glad you came!” We’re southern.  After the fall, I sprang to my […]

Be Careful What You Wish For…

I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions because historically I don’t keep them and I don’t need anything else to feel bad about mkay?  However, I do take a minute to identify 10 things I would like to have more of in the new year.  Note:  rough notions like the ones below are dangerous. Turns out […]

Chinese Dolls and Crazy Pills

Anna was waving the American Girl gift card in the air and losing her mind:  I WANT TO GET MEGAN’S EARS PIERCED!!!!  WILL YOU PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE TAKE ME TO THE AMERICAN GIRL STORE????? [Reaction inside]: [Reaction outside]:  Of course – that’s a fabulous idea!   I called American Girl to get the details.  You know the deal:  if […]