Hangover Barbie, Jugglers and Angry Cats

This thong with pretend pubes on it.


One of my besties in a pink bunny costume.


The definitive poll on being eaten by a shark.


My DYI hair color skills.



Extreme Make-over Home Edition:  Anna’s room.


Me and Anna impersonating Sanford and Son.




Jugglers in my front yard.  Because that’s what we do.

Trumpet player in my driveway.  Because it was Sunday.

The celebration of my 93yo grandmother moving  in with my mother Golden Girls-style.  She’s the yankee version of Betty White – she will drink your ass under the table and demand answers while you’re collapsing.  Atlanta just got more interesting.


Me as the foreperson:  Malice Murder, Felony Murder and Armed Robbery.


Another record-breaking winter storm!


Record-breaking number of marshmallows roasted in our fireplace.


Hugh pretending to work from home but napping instead.


Olive’s disapproving glares.


19,732 parties hosted by Barbie and friends.


Creepy pancakes.



Pancakes for Barbie.


Pancakes for Hangover Barbie.


Cat baths.


More DYI hair design skills.

IMG_9219a IMG_9225a



Six sleepovers.


DIY tie-dye and zebra cakes.



DIY Valentine box creations.


Angry cat protests:  the blanket wars.


Guinea pig sleepover madness.


Unknown amounts of Nitrous Oxide.


Blog posts written in February?  A shameful two.

Goal for March:  log into WordPress.

Love you guys!  Missed you!



  1. Hugh. I see what you did there. Clever girl.

  2. Hahaha, I’ve sucked at blogging lately too, Molly. Unrelated, I’ve added *spend one day with Molly* to my bucket list. Maybe it’s just because I’m so lame, but you’re life always seems so cool to me! Did you ever say whether your bad guys were guilty or not by the way? Okay, carry on.

    • Hahaha hooray – we can suck at blogging together! You are totally welcome to spend a day with this crazy ass circus over here. You are not lame, I just remain overcommitted in every possible way because I’m twisted like that : ) And thanks for reminding me about another blog post I haven’t written bc I suck: the trial. I will do that this weekend if it kills me. Yay Don! Heart : )

  3. Looks like you’re having a blast!

  4. deweydecimalsbutler says:

    Nice job on the hair!

  5. Dude, why was February so hard to write? I had the damnedest time! And can we talk about what a fucking awesome mother you are? Because it’s true.

    • Because I’m a jackass! My life is always going 150 mph (LIKE EVERYONE ELSE BTW) and before I know it 37 more things have happened and I end up posting none of it. I’ma turn over a new leaf though this month. Maybe even a whole bush. XO

  6. You live a life of extra-ordinary awesomeness with a side of weird.
    More people should live with animals and copious amounts of hair dye.

  7. I want to know more about hangover Barbie’s big night.

    • Haha! I want to know about hangover barbie’s night too!!

      • Haha Julie and Nancy! Well. It started out totally tame with pizza in a place that smelled like vomit. Then they went to a bar called Church, then choir robes were worn and inappropriate photos were taken, and then they made out with each other in the Uber car on the way back to the Barbie dream house. Clothes may have been lost.

      • Hahaha!!! I’m dying laughing!!!

  8. Haha this is an incredible recap! But I see I’ve missed a couple posts, what! I was clearly not stalking closely enough. I love that you died her hair that color– I remember my Mom not letting me color my hair blue when I was in 6th grade. I mean, obviously I did it anyways, but it didn’t turn out nearly that well. Welcome back!!!

    • Of course you did! That’s why I did Anna’s myself: so she wouldn’t dye everything in the bathroom turquoise for all eternity : ) I bet your blue hair was awesome!

  9. Sometimes productivity isn’t measured in words but in action; it looks like a very productive February — and one your daughter wont forget. You’re still not getting anywhere near my hair, though.

  10. Love hungover Barbie and LOVE the hair!! She is rocking it 🙂

  11. WOW! I’m exhausted. You definitely get Mother of The Year! Can I get adopted by you? Loved all the pics.

  12. I nominate the Sandford and Sons comment for Top Artistix Allusion 2014.

  13. I see you’ve been juggling a lot of things this month. I don’t know if that’s you in the video, but there’s a lot of juggling in the rest of the post. 🙂

  14. While I’ve missed you, I love all of this. ALL OF THIS!

    And, you should totally be a hair stylist on the side. And not an American Girls doll hair stylist. A legit actual live people hair stylist.

  15. I feel ya…although I don’t think I did as much or had as much fun while I was working/not blogging!

  16. Love your blog and posts. Great sense of humor. I will stop by to review more. You have won over a new follower. When you have a chance let me know if you enjoy any of my comical posts. Ten Ten Disadvantages to Marrying a Writer and other silliness.

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