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If you need the interior of your private jet or Rolls Royce redone you should totally get in touch with Kenneth Justice from Culture Monk.  True story.  We met him last Saturday on his world coffee tour, and that was one of the many unexpected tidbits he shared with us.  Atlanta was the first stop on his tour, which means we won because obviously Atlanta is better.  I’m kidding – Dewey Decimal’s Butler won because she saw him first that day at Cafe Intermezzo.

Here are a few other things we learned about our philosophical blogger pal:  the Culture Monk is also a design monk, real estate monk, former addictions counselor, and the kind of dad whose daughter is already a serious artist because “no games except on Saturday.”  He’s honest, funny and passionate about connecting with people – someone you instantly want to be friends with.  AND he wears Converse kicks and holey jeans that are perfectly lived in!  Kenneth is a dreamer of the best sort:  the kind who LIVES their dream, and inspires others to follow their own.

I’m really glad we got to spend some time with him, and I hope you’ll get to do the same.

Here are some ways to get involved in his journey across the globe:

follow his blog

read his post about his visit to Atlanta

follow him on Twitter

like him on Facebook

show up at one of the coffee houses on his tour

I think you’ll be very happy you did.


  1. I already do – its a brilliant blog!

  2. Sounds like fun! I’ve always enjoyed meeting online people in the real world.

  3. I’ll be watching the Portland, Ore. time/place, even though it’s 3 hours away. It’s worth it for good coffee and conversation. Hey, If I got enough people and good coffee, I wonder if Kenneth would show up at my house?

    • Totally worth it! And please put me on the list for your house : )

      • Done! And remember that we Oregonians are well known for our…
        Mushroom coffee..?

      • Hahaha – now it’s starting to sound like a different kind of gathering. One that would literally end with “and then there was a giant explosion.” : )

      • HaHa! Mushrooms give me gas, so you’re not too far off the mark. Although I have to say I’ve never tried any of “those” mushrooms. I prefer my hallucinogens to come in liquid form. Plus, I’m way too scared of poisoning myself or, at the very least, eating something a deer peed on.

  4. deweydecimalsbutler says:

    Sorry to have missed you, Molly. I was hoping to meet you as well because I wanted to hear more about your circus life, etc. We’ll have to meet up some other time.

  5. I love Culture Monk! I can’t wait to meet him when he comes to Chicagoland!

  6. Whaaaaa…I got to stay hip in the blogger world. Consider him FOLLOWED. 🙂

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