Dinner Party Mouth Bombs

This is why I love my friends.  Here’s a random sample from last night:

“Was that S&M Barbie?”

“You didn’t say I couldn’t bring a midget, bitch.”

“I was pulled out of the creek bed by a Hells Angel on more than one occasion.”

“She’s a fly strip for drama.”

“It smelled as good as an asshole on a hot day.  In Mexico.”

“That’s a match made in chaos.”

“Your resting face is kind of bitchy.”

“He’s dating a fetus.”

“It made no sense –  it was like a unicorn shit in a pot of gold and then fell down the rainbow.”

“Leave the door open, weapons down.”

NaBloPoMo November 2013


  1. Now that’s some good #overheard material right there!!

  2. All from ONE evening? You have indeed awesome friends!

  3. My kind of people 😉

  4. Can I come to the next one? Please? I’ll bring a hot dish.

  5. Oh my god. I’m totally stealing that fly strip quote.

  6. Please, please can I come to one of your dinner parties some day?

  7. Holy hell . . .when can I come hang out??

  8. You have great friends! A fly strip for drama! LOL!

  9. Loving this especially the unicorn one – so random and brilliant.

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