How to Party with Your Ex-Husband

Invite these girls (the ones who dropped the dinner party mouth bombs)…


And this lady…


And these guys…(no flattering picture available – sorry Ben and Michael)

And have a surprise birthday dinner party for this guy, the birthday boy, aka Anna’s dad…


so this can happen…

No, he's not really 31.  I'm just an awesome hostess.

He’s not really 31.  I’m an awesome hostess.

I’m so glad we’re still super buds…


Divorced is the new black.

NaBloPoMo November 2013


  1. It’s great that you two are still friends – especially for Anna. I get along well with my daughter’s dad, although it wasn’t always so (i.e. The heroin years).

    It is also great to surround yourself with lots of dinner party mouth bomb people.

    • Heroin years make pleasantries difficult – I’m glad you guys are all good now. That’s fantastic for your daughter : ) And yes – dinner parties, laughter and mouth bomb people make the world go around. Truth.

  2. .

  3. It’s really awesome that you two are able to be such good friends.

    I love the party mouth bomb crew… I’ll be referring to them when I post my next Things I Have Overheard. hahaha…

    And, just for the record, and because of your post a few days ago, you are beautiful. Don’t ever think for a second that you should change anything. 😉

    • Hey thanks Jason! I’m really glad, too. Anna didn’t even know we were divorced until a year and a half ago : ). One of her friends asked her and she said “nooooo” like it was the craziest thing she ever heard in her life. We’ve been living in our own houses since 2007 haha.

      Thank you for the compliment. I’m gonna run with that and be grateful! Instead of falling into the doubt pool. Hooray for progress : ). Big love to you and yours!

      • Not only is it good for the two of you that you have been able to remain friends, but it’s going to be good for Anna as she gets older.

        She’ll be able to see that even when relationships don’t work out it doesn’t mean that you can’t be friends or have a healthy, amicable interactions.

        You two are definitely doing it right. Wish more people could follow your example.

      • Right. I really don’t want her to grow up with a model of dysfunction and bitterness. That’s not cute. At all. Also, Anna knows she half her dad and half me. If I call him an asshole, what she hears is she’s half asshole. Not the message I want to send to an innocent kid. True story.

  4. I think it’s AWESOME that you and your ex are still able to be friends. Anna wins (so often the parents use the kids as pawns) and you don’t have the constant stress of all the animosity that goes with divorce. More parents (both divorced and married) could take a lesson. A little bit of kindness goes a long way. You guys rock!

    • Thanks Cheryl! We used to refer to ourselves as the Bruce and Demi of Atlanta, but then she lost her mind and her life imploded. So now we just say we’re great friends haha. But yes, life would suck if I was upset with someone I had to see 2-3 times a week for 16 years. Hey how about no thanks? Being cool takes way less energy and it’s good for your heart. It’s especially good for kids : )

  5. That really is awesome.

  6. I’ve got an ex-girlfriend who went on to marry a billionaire. (That’s not one of my witty sarcasms. It really happened.) It didn’t work out but they were still quite fond of one other so they threw a lavish divorce party and invited all the people who went to the wedding. If only it worked out that well for everyone…

  7. First, everyone loves scarves. Second, I stared at him for a long time trying to buy the 31 thing. You’re fantastic.

  8. My ex and I are best friends. We’re such good friends we are now roommates.

    Also, I’m really digging all the scarf love in these photos. My kind of gals.

  9. This makes me SO happy. All of it. Each little bit. Anna is so lucky to have such kick ass parents in her life.

  10. I don’t throw birthday parties for my ex, but I think we’re pretty awesome co-parents to our son. . . .kind of like some sort of dynamic, crime-fighting, er, make that child-rearing duo!! 🙂 Awesome to know that more of these duos exist!!

  11. You really are Mollytopian

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