This Lady is Hot Shit

This is my grandmother.

momma lo

She’s one of my most favorite people on the planet.

She paved the way for me.

She paved the way for all the girls in our family.

To rebel.

To say what we think.

To go to college.

To go to Europe.

To make a decision.

To change our mind.

To not be defined by the men in our lives.

To say more, do more, have more.

To choose the career we love instead of the one that’s the safest.

To choose the men we love instead of the men we’re supposed to love.

To ignore the voice of reason and listen to the voice in our heart.

To live life as though the sun will never set.

To be ourselves.  At all cost.

She’s a woman to laugh with, to cry with, to dream with – a woman to admire.

And most importantly, a woman to love.

She’s 93 today.

Happy Birthday Momma Lo.

Thank you for leading the way.

NaBloPoMo November 2013


  1. Molly that is a wonderful tribute. It is so clear from this you are proud of your Momma Lo. I hope at 93 Brett will say similar things about me.

  2. Wow, 93 ! Way to go Momma Lo! Happy Birthday!

  3. Tammy Ryals says:

    What an incredibly amazing woman. I should say women. You and Mama Lo are beasts when it comes to showing women what life is all about. Love you both. Happy birthday, Lo!

  4. This was really sweet.

  5. Hell yes. This is awesome.

  6. This is a beautiful tribute to your grandmother. My grandmother was pretty great too. 🙂

  7. Happy birthday, indeed! Excellent advice that’s useful to anyone who’s a human being or plans on being one.

  8. Happy Birthday to your grandmother. She sounds like one kick-ass lady. 🙂

  9. Amazing tribute! Happy birthday, grandma!

  10. What an incredible lady! Not only to have done all of those inspirational things, but to have done then in the 1950s and 1960s, when it was way more risky and out of the norm. Now that’s a woman who defines self-assurdness and beauty!

    • Yes! Thanks Nicole – she is an awesome lady. She was hauling ass in her convertible doing donuts in parking lots with platinum blonde hair long before it was cool : )

  11. Awww…..what a great post! :0)

    This is my favourite:

    To not be defined by the men in our lives. <<<<

    Hooray for strong women! Down with patriarchal misogynists!!

    [awkward silence]

    Sorry. I get carried away.
    Really though, I was raised by a drinking Dad (one of my favourite people in the world) who had a Bible in one hand and a joint in the other. I was a spiritually well educated stoner back in the day (18 years of smoking the gang., daily) and I think all of the toking up gives me an expertise perspective in that area. (I'm probably the only one who agrees with me on that one.) But my tale is true. Unfortunately, the same (great) Dad was also a bit of a misogynist who had a wild mother who ended up stabbing 5 of her 7 husbands. (I only stabbed one.) And, after THAT upbringing…well…it was in the cards that I was just going to turn out a little bit weird.

    But hey, back the topic!

    I've miraculously baffled my way through college (and even wanted seconds!) and refuse to shave my legs now, because, it's the utter act of defiance against the "sex kitten" image that is shoved down we women's throats morning, day, and night.

    So, hooray for grandma!

    Both of ours. ;0)

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