One of These Things Will Not Set You Free

Hey I read Aussa’s awesome post, and then immediately stole her idea, which she encouraged because she stole it from Jen at Sips of Jen and Tonic.  I hope Jen stole it from someone else because then we can start a club.

Anyway, welcome to the show.  It’s called one of these things isn’t true.  Guess which one it is.

1.  I was holding a knife and covered in blood from collar-bone to ankles by 8am every day for four months.

2.  I moved across the country in the middle of the night to get away from a cocaine addict stalker with a felony.

3.  When I was an infant my parents put my crib in the back of a panel van and we traveled with a carnival in Canada for several months.

4.  I dated Robert Downey, Jr. for two months.

5.  I was an alien on a kids’ show on Nickelodeon.

6.  My mother was a pimp.
NaBloPoMo November 2013


  1. I want #4 to be true but I KNOW you would have told me that, right?!! Frankly, #4 would probably be the most true for a lot of people. But you’re Molly.

  2. I say #4 is the lie. Not because I don’t think you couldn’t land RDJ – you totally could – but because everything else seems plausible since your life is so entertaining and interesting.

  3. Wow… all of those sound like lies, yet they all sound like true statements.

    Very crafty.

    I’m still attempting to figure this out, but I’m leaning toward #4 (peer pressure).

  4. You’re gorgeous and clever, so Downey would have been lucky to have you, plus maybe he was the coke addict stalker? Two for the price of one? I’m hoping your Mom being a pimp is the lie. Either way, that’s your book. Put a fork in it, it’s done.

    • Haha Jen! My mother actually was a pimp. #4 is the lie. But I think we should call RDJ to see if he would go out with me. We’re both spoken for so it’s harmless : )

  5. #4 could so totally be true! I want to believe that #6 is the lie.

  6. As much as I want to say that number one isn’t true, there are too many details and specifics. So, I’m going to go with number six being false.

  7. I am going to guess that the lie is the RDJ thing, and I only say that because I’m hoping it’s not true. I would get super jealous.

  8. Tammy Ryals says:

    So what’s the sitch on the others? Definitely got me curious on the back stories…..

  9. Wait — your parents were temporary carnies?! You were a carnie baby?! I cannot process just how awesome that little fact nugget is!

    And, I also cannot process how you didn’t end up with RDJ when you have that story in your back pocket.

  10. Number 4 was a lie. It was two years right?

  11. Dangit! My boyfriend and I just sat here analyzing everything and then I cheated and saw the comments! Crap. Well– now I’m pretty sure you have to blog about all of these truths because some of them are pretty wicked crazy.

    • Hahaha – it’s hard not to cheat huh? Well know you know, but I’ll give you the backstory in an upcoming post. Thanks for the idea for another post. NaBloPoMo is crushing my soul at this point haha.

  12. Late to the show but I was going to guess that #6 was the lie. I can totally see you as RDJ’s arm candy. He should be so lucky.

    I may be repeating myself here. I beg your pardon if I am. When I first moved to NYC, a friend of mine, a guitar player, briefly dated Mary Louise Parker. He stopped seeing her because he was a bit clingy. Who’s sorry now?

    • I never thought I qualified for arm candy – thanks! You did tell me the MLP story. It’s a shame she was so clingy. Her cash would probably make her suitably aloof at this point, no?

  13. I’m going to go with this one:

    3. When I was an infant my parents put my crib in the back of a panel van and we traveled with a carnival in Canada for several months.

    Only because it seems like the obvious true one due to your circus livin’ posts…. I really have no idea!

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  1. […] is the backstory for why I was holding a knife and covered in blood from collar-bone to ankles by 8am every day.  I was the kitchen manager at Lone Star Steakhouse and Saloon.  In order to be a […]

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