That Girl at the Party Who Won’t Stop Talking

Yeah, that’s me thanks to NaBloPoMo.

At Day 19, the logo looks like this in my mind:

nablopomo annoy

If this were a pageant instead of a writing challenge, and I won, my glittery sash would read:

North American Blabbermouth Lady of Posting – Otherwise Miss Obnoxious.

(Not National Blog Posting Month).

But I’ve made it this far and I refuse to quit because I’m a mule with boobs.

Meanwhile you should all know that if you want one of those fancy new G6s – the world’s biggest and fastest private jet – you need to place your order today because they’re back-ordered until 2017.  They only cost $65,000,000, which totally explains why they’ve already sold out.


NaBloPoMo November 2013


  1. Mule with boobs… I like it. HAHA…

  2. Somebody is loopy! It’s you though, right? Or is it me?

  3. As another mule with boobs, I commend you.

  4. Well played. Well played, my new blogging friend.

  5. I’m waiting until they release the G6 in fire engine red to put in my order…

  6. Interesting logo re-do. I’m not sure that was the intended result when this little exercise was dreamed up. Why don’t you leave it up to us, your readers, to decided whether or not we’re annoyed, eh? Don’t pretend you can crawl inside our head and muck about to see what’s what. Carry on. You’re almost there.

  7. I am LOVING the fact that you’re writing more often! And “mule with boobs” is what I’m going to have on my family coat of arms (in Latin, of course).

  8. “a mule with boobs”—Haha. These are the kinds of things that make me laugh. Which I suppose speaks volumes about me…

  9. Hey, we’re still here… no quitting now!

  10. Due to your comments on this blog and links to some other bloggers, I’ve somehow fallen into a rabbit hole of people who think and blog as you do. This is either horrific or brilliant.

    Who needs to work at work anyway…

    • Hahaha – I hope it’s brilliant : ). Nice to meet you! And yes, work is totally getting in the way of all the blogs I want to read right now. I wish I wasn’t so fond of living indoors…

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