Tips (I said tip) for an Awesome Monday

M – make someone feel as special as they are – tell them the top three reasons you’re happy they’re in your life.

– own the day by setting aside 15-60 minutes just for you – do anything that makes you smile.

N – say “nope” to something you’d normally say yes to out of guilt or obligation, and then bask in the relief.

D – do something you’re tempted to put off until tomorrow, and then pat yourself on the back for being so brilliant.

A – ask for help on something if you need it, and then thank yourself for being so wise and resourceful.

Y – say “yes, please” to that thing you’ve always wanted to try, and make plans to do it.

Ready?  Go!

Also, this fancy farting unicorn is for you.

photo credit:

You’re gonna have a great great great day.  I can tell.

NaBloPoMo November 2013


  1. Go home, Molly. You’re DRUNK. (But I do agree with about half of these!)

  2. Good idea! And you can reuse the D,A, and Y for every other day in the week, should you wish. Genius.

  3. I was having another ho-hum Monday UNTIL… that rainbow farting unicorn.

    Now instead of thinking about snapping at people, I’m wondering what kind of sound the unicorn makes when it blasts a rainbow fart.

    Today is a Mollytopia Monday… 😉

  4. AS your title made me laugh, to this list I would like to add “find a way to work, ‘just the tip’ into a sentence and then be proud of such an accomplishment.”

  5. Hahaha, I’m a ‘noper’! It has such a satisfying coda to the syllable and a ‘puh’ 😀

  6. I love farting unicorns!

  7. I said NOPE to something! (Goodbye, boring workshop instead of free lunchtime.) It was frigging awesome! And as I gave my excuses, I thought of you. Well played.

  8. I like the farting unicorn. F all the other stuff, that farting unicorn makes me happy. 🙂

  9. Farting unicorns! Love it!

  10. Every time I read or hear the word tip I start shaking in a silent, and sometimes not so silent, giggle fit. It might be one of the only things as magical as a farting unicorn.

  11. I managed to have a decent monday– miraculous!
    I like your “nope” advice. Nothing feels better than learning to say “no” to things 🙂

  12. You had me at the unicorn farting rainbows. On my blog, they’re normally pissing rainbows, but occasionally they vomit them.


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