Tips (I said tip) for an Awesome Friday…at Work.

If you want to read something positive and helpful, this post is not for you.  Read Tips for an Awesome Monday instead and then close the page.

THIS post is for everyone else.

F – Fuck it.  Start with this attitude and lean on it as hard as you can for the entire day.


R – Respond to any idea that’s not generated by you with a violent outburst.


I – “I said tip.”  Work that into a sentence and then act like the listener is a pervert if they react to it.


D – “Dumbass.”  Mumble it as you’re leaving every meeting – just loud enough for people to know you said it, but not loud enough for them to prove it.


A – Answer everything with acronyms you make up on the spot (like ICBIDWT – I can’t, because I don’t want to).  Then look exasperated when people have no idea what you’re talking about.


Y – Yak.  Tell your boss you have to leave early because your yak is arriving from the Tibetan Plateau and you need to be home to sign for it.


If you still have a job on Monday, you won!


Happy Friday, y’all!

NaBloPoMo November 2015


  1. And if you’re the boss and don’t want to be here? Or there. Or anywhere…

    • Oh. In that case you might want to print copies of the tips for an Awesome Monday and distribute to your staff : ). Or call in sick, to yourself? Happy Friday!

  2. Might as well apply this in school. Made me laugh. 😀

    • Hahaha – do it – they can’t FIRE you! Mostly…

      • They can’t. But they can suspend or kick me out. And that’s the same to being fired. But then, there’s this thing called due process. 😁 So..

      • Wait. Do they get to keep your tuition if you get expelled? Because that’s actually worse than losing a salary – it’s a pre-paid expense, and I’m not sure if you can write that off on your taxes, assuming you have any income to offset that loss. Yes I work in finance. New advice: please behave yourself at school : )

      • Haha. I was just kidding. You’re right about it. It was just an idealization anyway. Sometimes things get really shitty in school that I wanted to defy rules, but in reality, can’t. ☺

      • You can TOTALLY defy rules. Just don’t get caught!

  3. I think Anna Kendrick is very hot. Is it just me?

  4. For some reason, my manager scheduled our monthly one on one meeting for Friday afternoon. So now I have to at least give the impression that I care

  5. omf… spilled my coffee laughing… I am TOTALLY using this next Friday ! Unemployment, here I come ! =) =)

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