When the Fruit Falls so Far it’s in Another Orchard

My room looks like this:


Anna’s room looks like this:


It’s the live-action version of Where’s Waldo?  Seriously our bunny is in this pic.  The first person to find Hugh wins.

Meanwhile I’m going to clean this room and play: How-soon-will-I-need-Antibiotics?

NaBloPoMo November 2013


  1. right in front of the chair i win

  2. looks like my kids’ rooms when they lived at home. looks like my kids’ rooms where they live now.

  3. montaignejns says:

    Funny, I was just going to say, “There’s a chair?”

  4. I found him! I found him! But I thought it was a chair too. LOL! Anna’s room looks like mine when I was growing up. And now MY daughter’s looks like that. Must be genetic. 🙂

  5. I love the book on the floor, titled, “Farts”. Fitting…

  6. He’s right next to the sneaker, and he’s black and white.

  7. Your room looks like it is aseptic, as if noone and nothing could live there – her room looks like some of life’s adventures are planned and done there.

  8. Has there been a hurricane? 😮

  9. i love the “apple sometimes really does fall far from the tree” reference. my daughter has had a day planner since 7th grade. i’ve never had one because, as i’ve always said, i don’t need a day planner to let me know when the last minute is. i’m going in for a minor medical procedure this week so i’m finally getting around to my spring cleaning. from two years ago, that is.

  10. Is there a book called “Farts” on the floor? That’s somewhat like a rabbit.

  11. Anna’s room looks like a clean version of mine right now, and it drives my dad nuts. I think your apple/orchard theory may be correct.

  12. I’m late to the party and see that others have already mentioned her fine taste in literature. FARTS is also on my daughter’s bookshelf. Who doesn’t think farts are funny? They just are. Always have been. Always will be.

    I have two daughters. One keeps her room in meticulous condition. The other has a more casual approach to housekeeping. Like the example above.

    • Hahaha I’m so glad we’re not alone in our obsession with farts and Anna’s “casual approach to housekeeping.” Awesome! Always great to see your name pop up, Mark : )

  13. I’m not tidy, but even I’m a little put off by the state of this mess. Well done, Anna.

    • I abandoned her room after 4 mins haha. We’re doing it today TOGETHER when she’s home to enjoy the hippie party : )

      • Part of me was judging you a little bit for not making her clean pigsty herself, so kudos to you. You sit on that bed with your rabbit and glass of wine and supervise while she does all the hard work. That’s good parenting.

      • Right? She’s never going to learn if I do it for her. So I cleaned out the garage and the basement instead. Sometimes I just have to get my clean on : )

  14. Of course your daughter has a book entitled Farts!

  15. Haha– my room looks much more like your daughters than yours 😉

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