Helmet Stickers for Girls

I learned a very important piece of information about college football yesterday:  boys get stickers for being good!  AND they get to put them on their helmets so everyone knows how awesome they are!

I LOVE stickers.  But I’m not going to play football.

So I made some for girls.

Your hormones told you to murder people and you didn’t – Great job!

Food, dirt and sweat tried to ruin every garment in the house but you won – Nice Work!

You didn’t cry when the crazy Brazilian lady used hot wax to rip hair off your body – You Rock!

Your offspring tried to break your vagina but you love it anyway – MVP!

If you earned all of these stickers, this helmet is for you.  You’re fabulous!


Happy Monday, y’all!


  1. This is wonderful Molly. Way to bridge the gender gap. I know just where to share this.

  2. “Your hormones told you to murder people and you didn’t – Great job!”
    Well – a close shave, so to say … but no, I did not, now gimme the sticker, asap – and not in pink, too! *grumbles off*

  3. Lol. Awesome.

  4. Where, pray tell, would you be wearing these helmets?

  5. NotAPunkRocker says:

    I want these for my laptop. Plus one for “crazy cat lady”.

  6. These are funny. I like the pink! They should give the bikini stickers out at the wax salon.

    • They absolutely should give the bikini stickers to us after we suffer through that. Or shots of tequila before and after. Or both. Wait, liquor would probably lead to clients punching the staff. Nevermind. Stickers only.

  7. hahahah those are awesome!!!

  8. YES! I love!!

  9. Did you design all those icons? Because they’re great! The verbiage is excellent, but I’m a visual guy and am digging the images.

  10. I’m thinking of having a lanyard made for my wife. Any chance they’ll be available as buttons? You could make a fortune…

  11. Two thumbs up on creativity. I want one of each, please!

  12. very interesting to see this ..))


  1. […] you earned all these stickers, AND last week’s helmet stickers, your helmet now looks like […]

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