#TBThursday: why leg warmers will always reign supreme

Because this video…


Have an awesome Thursday, y’all!




  1. Doot doot doo doot doot… thanks so much, Molly girl, for getting this song stuck in my head… ! =)

    Am off to find old Jane Fonda tapes for the VCR… =)

  2. Oh it’s an aerobics competition! I thought it was an Arsenio Hall lookalike thing there for a minute. Lol.

  3. Ok, that was the weirdest, funniest and simultaneously MOST disturbing 4 minutes of film I’ve ever seen… I swear I saw Marlon Wayans & Joanie (post-Happy Days) in there! Nineteen-eighty-whatnow!?

  4. They created Bunheads but from this… nothing.

  5. I made it through 34 seconds of that. I think I should receive some type of reward for that, unless of course, the video is the reward, all by itself.

  6. Reminds me of the movie Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Now inclined to watch 80s movies for the rest of the night.

  7. I can’t unsee that, Molly,but why would I when I’m still laughing three minutes later at some of those guys?

  8. How happy and flexible are those people?!! I would settle for just one of the two.

    PS – I listened to the podcast… Molly, you even sound hot!

  9. Can’t … look … away … so … cheezy … !

  10. There is so much to love in this video, where do you find this shit? I think we have the same taste in creepy,funny, weird shit you can’t look away from lol!

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