Big Rich Atlanta

Flipping through channels, and I landed here.  In five minutes, I saw:

Boob cutlets removed from bra and waved around.

Extensions ripped from hair at birthday party.

Lawyers hired for ruining birthday party.

Mother paying $8,000 per month in allowance to two daughters.

Daughters claiming it’s not enough because it’s a full-time job to look good.

37 pairs of fake eyelashes.

Two separate scenes where drinks were being thrown into someone’s face – one was a city councilman.

And my favorite…

Spiritual healer curing cat fight trauma so this girl, former Miss Teen Georgia…


can start her own charity called Divarella.  The mission is to “raise awareness against violence and hate.”

Please just call the mission what it really is:  to teach girls to stop pulling hair at $20,000 birthday parties.

Que en el f*ucking mundo?

I can’t even comment on the dress.  It hurts me too much.


  1. You have just described a typical Sunday afternoon in the Speaker7 household.

  2. Dianne Ramsey says:

    This is too funny. It’s a crazy world. The dress is ridiculous. Who’s the desidner – KMart.

  3. Yet another reason to wonder why I actually pay a monthly bill for the privilege of watching TV.

  4. I want to punch that show in the face.

  5. Reblogged this on insidebrandysbrain and commented:
    I’ve never seen this show and thanks to this awesomely hilarious review I no longer have to.

  6. Miss Teen Georgia has a mission is to raise awareness against violence and hate? Wait – is she trying to say that hate and violence is bad??? I never knew that!!
    (Will she at least allow hate and violence against this show?)

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