Fretting is Dumb.

This tidbit helps me put any “mistake” I think I’ve made into perspective.

It’s the visual companion piece to the genius words Tamiko always says when I’m spinning out or over-thinking.  “It’s not that deep honey.  Let’s keep it moving.”

She’s awesome.

So are you.  Keep it in mind.


  1. Tamiko says:

    Taking my own advice! Love you babe!

  2. That tidbit is so clever…a great take on perspective!
    Thanks, ic

  3. Love it. I can get stuck in beating myself up or replaying something in my head. None of it is productive. This will remind me to look at a situation, take my part of the mess, learn, and move the hell on.
    Awesome. And YOU are awesome.

  4. Along these lines, here’s another one I’ve heard that helps broaden perspective for the anxious mind:
    “Worry is a waste of the imagination.”
    Thanks for your post!

  5. Oh man I missed this post the first time around. What a shame! I love that little tidbit. It is very awesome, like Tamiko and you AND OKAY FINE…and me.

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