Happy Father’s Day

A picture is worth 1,000 words, so here’s my first and only 5,000 word post.


dad and me clown

dad with gun

dad at drums

This last photo is how I remember him best:  doing what he loved most, drumming for Ringling Bros.

What a fucking cool dude.

Happy Father’s Day.


  1. Wonderful. Love the pic of you with your face painted especially.

  2. That man reeks of kickass. I see why you’re so awesome yourself.

  3. Did he ever take you to the gun show?

  4. Awesome photos – I love your dad’s sunglasses and mustache, mini-clown you is super cute.

  5. Miss Molly says:

    A great tribute…That top photo is so lovelyl…a beautiful guy with such a pensive look on his face. And a drummer! But I agree with others here – your little clown face is the best.

  6. A circus drummer AND an amazing dad! The stories you must be able to tell about your childhood… I hope we get to read some more of them soon.

    • Hey thanks!!! My parents definitely kept shit interesting. More to come. This pesky job is really getting in the way of me socializing with y’all. [sigh]

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