Sheep in bad dresses.

In the midst of all the hot dog eating and fireworks, celebrating our nation’s freedom, I totally overlooked Laura Ashley’s 60th anniversary.

Her daring design team is the one that created this signature look in the 80’s and 90’s, and turned my whole dormitory into a flock of sheep in bad dresses.

Laura Ashley was the pioneer of sad floral prints you could wear from head to toe, glue onto your walls, and cover your couch, bed and lamps with. Then you could stuff your whole life into a large flowery bag made of the same fabric, and go to the beach wearing some version of the bag.

For the truly committed, small children could be draped in this flower bed of depression as well. Then the whole family could blend into the couch together, disappear into the curtains, and ultimately drift off to sleep in their matching ruffled piles of design quit.

If you’re interested, you can join other bad fashion enthusiasts and watch the behind-the-scenes video of their 60th anniversary photo shoot. Put your jammies on first. Ambien wants to grow up and be this video.

The best news though, is now they offer Laura Ashley medical scrubs.

If I’m ever hospitalized and a nurse greets me in a flowery outfit, please put a pillow over my face. My mother has a copy of my executed will.


  1. I’ve been looking for a way to fall asleep and reading my blog got pretty old. Now I can watch that video.

  2. The video works faster than Zzzquil, but about the same as a blow to the head.

  3. One of my prized possessions when I was in middle school was a Laura Ashley dress. It looked like something straight out of Juniper Creek, yet I thought it was the height of fashion. I wore it all the time. To dances and parties. When I was desperately trying to get boys to pay attention to me. That, out of all of the absolutely insane things that I have done, is the one thing that makes me question my sanity most.

    • Bahahahaha – I LOVE it! Please tell me you have a photo…My middle school go-to outfit was splattered black leggings (yellow splatter) with a long over-sized yellow cardigan, worn with yellow 2″ inch heels (think Payless, before they had a marketing team and slave labor), and a horrible Cindy Lauper-ish headband tied in a bow, off to the side. Like you do. Thanks for chiming in! Always makes me happy to see your name pop up : )

  4. I was so in love with ALL this shit back in middle school. I had a book that had Laura Ashley ads in it, so I could remember what horrible dresses I liked the best. This was way back before the Pinterest you kids have now. This brought back memories. Memories of my awful taste.

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