The Birthday Song.

It’s this dude’s birthday today.


I sure wish he was still around, but I’m super grateful for the time I had with him.

Coolest guy ever.

Happy Birthday, Dad.


  1. He is DEFINITELY the coolest guy ever!

  2. He seems undeniably cool. I love that you commemorated the date here.

  3. Not many men (or women) can pull off that ensemble. It takes an extraordinary person to look cool in whatever that hat is called. Happy Birthday, drummer dude, you fucking rock! Let’s toast this man with a drink say 9 central time tonight?! Fabulous!

  4. Oh yes, a BIG happy birthday to your special dad. Listen, apparently I’m a medium yo, so I’ll just tell him myself.

  5. I like his chapeau. I saw that Black Box piece you did on him. Nice work. Again. What’s your story? How come you write gooder than everyone else? You got trainin’? I’m going to the About tab.

  6. Oh Molly,
    I wrote a book this week. A big part of it was my dad. i thought about you lady. Dad was my best friend. I love it when you write about your dad

    • Um, you wrote a book THIS WEEK??? Please help me understand that! And thank you for reading – dads are the best. Thanks for your kind words : )

      • I had 12k words at the beginning of last week. the lady who is editing said, “Yes Tom, you have a story here” so I did the remaining 38k words this week while i was on vacation.

        Molly i am ADD and i went my first 29 years untreated. It is the story my life with treatment and without it. It is really funny, and moving though.

        I just stayed in my mancave until it was completed. I can really stay focused on things while i am enjoying doing them. Last week was a book this week is the new splinter cell game for my xbox called blacklist 🙂

  7. Wow! He was very cool! Happy Birthday belated. Looks like our Dad’s birthdays are only 10 days apart!

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