Sometimes you just HAVE to…

Choose the fabric for your mermaid tail.

Choose the perfect fabric.

Buy a sewing machine.

Buy a beginner sewing machine.

Want to stab yourself by pg 17 of instruction manual.

Read the directions.

Ask for divine intervention.

Ask the fashion gods for assistance.

Yay - tail fits!

And celebrate the mermaid tail!

Shower and get out the door for girls' night in 20 mins (Jaime and Claire not pictured - sorry).

Then switch gears for Girls’ Night.  (Jaime and Claire aren’t pictured because I looked like an exhausted troll in that photo).

Wearing these shoes.

Wear these shoes.

That did this because they are made for people who don't actually use their feet for walking apparently.

That do this to toes because apparently they’re not made for people who use their feet for walking.

Then wake up (image not available), and go to pool to test the tail…

Hooray!  The tail works beautifully, I am my daughter’s hero for the day, and my Dude has named me Miu Miu of the Sea.



  1. All that circus training is really paying off! That’s a pretty good day!

  2. OH MY GOD. That mermaid tail is the most amazing thing I have every seen. And then I realized that it works. IT WORKS! You need to patent that thing right now and start selling it — you’ll make a mint and totally get the coveted 2 am time slot on QVC.

    The second most amazing thing I have ever seen are those shoes. Worth every open sore.

    • Hahaha the coveted 2am slot on QVC. That is why we’re friends : ) That unifin is pretty awesome, no joke. But alas, look it, has already cornered that market. And frankly, I think I’d just pay the $100 and order one before getting all Princess Craftsalot again…Thanks for chiming in!

  3. Put those shoes in a plexiglas box and admire them as art, because, ohmyouch, I would be afraid to ever put them on my feet again.

  4. OMG I really shouldn’t have made you walk through the hood. I totally owe you a deluxe pedi. In other news, you are my hero miss Miu Miu. That tail is the bomb!

    • Hahaha – no worries at all – totally worth it to hang out with y’all! I’m all for deluxe pedicure, but you’re not paying for mine. My feet may have healed enough to endure a salt scrub by November ; ) That tail is awesome. Seriously. I got very lucky on that one…

  5. Ouch! Exactly why I wear cowboy boots when I hit the town. lol

    • Oh how I love cowboy boots. I got some super kick-ass red ones in Austin, TX years ago. I still wear them. Note: those must be worn with thin socks that go above the ankle. I learned that the hard way: open sores on ankles are not cute haha.

  6. That tale was flippin’!

  7. Um, Molly? I know we just met. But that tail? It fulfills one of my two deepest childhood wishes. (The other was to own shoes that light up when you walk, and that’s totally still happening someday.) But seriously… that tail. The world is a better place because it exists.

    • Jennie it sounds like I need to make you a tail. E-mail me your pants size and color preference. I’ll see if I can find another unifin on-line : ) I can’t help you with light-up shoes becasue those are made in China by babies. But they do exist. Shamefully I know this because Anna had some a couple of years ago. If they don’t offer them in adult sizes, I suggest jamming sparklers into the soles and lighting them : )

  8. The video is fantastic. Seriously, start an Etsy shop–that is, between writing for your blog, your book, being a Mom, being a gf, being an exec and hanging out with your awesome friends. AKA stop wasting all of your free time.

    • Hahahaha right? I’m getting it IN girl. No minute shall go unsused in my world believe it. I’m glad you like the tail : ) I miss your face. Isn’t there some fabulous island birthday vacation coming up? I’ll make us some tails!

  9. Nice little photoplay.

  10. You already know my love for the tail. Mui Mui of the sea is the perfect name for you. (and WTF is up with gorgeous shoes doing nasty things to your feet! Ouch!)

  11. This is fucking awesome.

  12. Well, you all livened up my morning! Love the comments, good as a book. Yes, yes, there is a world beyond my computer!!

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