Yes it can totally be too long.

But if you follow this awesome advice from smart researchy people it’s manageable. Win!

Thank You Buffer!

Thank You Buffer!

Full disclosure:  I didn’t read the whole article.

Because it was too long.  Oh, irony is beautiful.

But not as beautiful as you.




  1. It’s not the length – it’s the content. Give me something worth reading!

  2. Width is the most important to me.

  3. Lol “I didn’t read the whole article.”

  4. I think 1600 words is pushing it for a blog post. I have a hard enough time getting to all the blogs I follow as it is. Great infographic!

  5. I’ll read a long post, so long as it interests me, but I still love the graphic, which shows me I fail often, and with moxie!

  6. Oh, what would we do without smart researchy people…

  7. Hilarious – “I didn’t read the whole article.”

  8. Iiiiiinteresting. Hmmm… I should start accepting advice, but I’m so bad at following it.

  9. I didn’t realise twitter counted as “long form” amongst its social media peers.

  10. You have to give the readers something exciting to read about. You can’t bore them with a long story that they can’t even finish… Capture with strong words and emotions!

    xo Jess

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