The Devil is hot pink

It’s a common misconception that the Devil is red and carries a pitchfork.  I want to clear that up for you right now, and I can because I met the Devil last night.

I was promised all my suffering would end…


and that I would be rewarded with peaceful slumber.


All I had to do was swallow the pill.

I did.  I rejoiced.  I went to bed.

Ten minutes later I looked like this, but wearing pajamas:


If I had read the entire label, I would have noticed the following warning:


It was too late.

I convulsed and leapt around my bed like I was possessed for an HOUR before I shut it down with an Ambien.

The devil isn’t a creepy demon with horns – it’s Benadryl.

pink pill

Here’s what I plan to do with the rest of the box:


Have you ever had a strange reaction to a drug?  What was the last thing you burned? 


  1. I misunderstood the post title. I thought you were going to make reference to something acquired from Victoria’s Secret. Because that’s an apt description for that, too.

    Ironically, some people actively pursue that type of reaction. I think it’s the only thing that makes them feel alive. Mixing Benadryl with Ambien is an interesting cocktail. You should have tossed in a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon as well. Like putting a cherry on top of a horrible sundae.

  2. Oh no, haha! I once experienced hallucinations because of a sleeping pill (can’t remember which one). It was so weird but a little funny too. I haven’t taken sleeping pills since.

    • My guess is that was Ambien. People do all kinds of crazy shit while taking that medicine. It’s never affected me that way, but trust I always put away all electronic devices that have recording opportunities before I take it haha!

  3. Claritin made me drowsy even though it’s claim to fame was that it was the ONE allergy medicine that was non-drowsy. Plus, it doesn’t work. At least, not for me.

    • Oh Claritin is worthless. I think most of those drugs are. Vitamin C, rest, and water and the only thing that ever helps me. I should know this by now!!!

      • Twindaddy says:

        Zyrtec has actually been a life-saver for me. That one really works. For me, anyhow.

  4. NotAPunkRocker says:

    That is my son’s reaction to benadryl. Since he has a worsening bee allergy, nothing like him getting stung, giving him benadryl, and then dealing with a hyperactive child in a crowded emergency room.

  5. I know a friend that had a strange reaction to the last drug he burned. As for Benadryl, it works if you chase it with some bourbon. 1 shot should do it, but 3-4 will definitely make you drowsy.

  6. Benadryl does the same thing to Gman, so we were at a loss since that may or may not be our go to sleepy time tactic, lol. I don’t take medicine very often, but whenever I do it and I don’t have to work or do anything productive, it’s NYQUIL. Yay NYQUIL!! Also, the PBR idea above is pretty solid stuff.

    • Leave it to Gman to throw a wrench in the plan. Also? It does state on the box that it’s not to be used for as a sleep aid in children. Apparently you read warning labels as well as I do haha. Thanks for the Nyquil tip. I’m keeping that one in my back pocket. PBR is always a good idea, even if you’re completely well. My grandfather taught me that : )

  7. When I take Benadryl I have to immediately go lie down. If I stay up after I’ve taken it, crazy cat shit like above happens.

  8. monabliss says:

    Oh lord…I know that experience VERY well. I am slightly allergic to antihistamines. I can’t take ANY OTC night time cold medicine or OTC sleep meds because it’s all just antihistamines and I turn into a twitching wild eyed maniac that starts to come up with good ideas about how to use my energy that usually involve power tools and home improvement plans…in the middle of the night…with a cold. It’s bad. I did have some success if it was absolutely necessary with breaking pills in half but don’t touch anything that is a gel cap because you can’t control the dose.

    • Oh my gahd that it the perfect description. The uncontrollable twitching is enough to send you running out into traffic. And so there you have it – I must be allergic also. That’s kind of a kick in the pants when it was allergies that were ailing me to start with dammmit! However, if I need to get some home projects completed, I’m buying you a plane ticket and a box of Benadryl : )

  9. This happens to me as well.

    Piece of advice… try children’s benadryl. It sounds crazy, but it works for me…

    • You are so right! I usually do take the children’s version but we’re out and I was too lazy to go to Walgreens…that I can see from my house. Sigh. I paid for that. Dearly. But thanks putting that in the comments – other people may find that helpful as well : )

  10. You know how you can tell something is the devil. It has Ben in its name.

  11. I’ve always been sleepy after one benadryl, but next time I need a pick me up I might take two! hahaha

  12. You and I must have had the same funk! I’m still getting over my bout. Hope you’re feeling better! I took a vitamin on a not-full-enough-with-food stomach and now all of my co-workers think I’m pregnant, as I ran to the bathroom yesterday, dry heaving. I haven’t burned anything in recent memory BUT I sat next to this guy from New Orleans at my fave bar a few weeks back and he told me how to rid toxic peeps outta my life. You put their picture in a bowl of water and freeze it. So, I’m think pink devil of the icy nature…

    • I’m fine and back to good now – hooray! I hope you are soon! That fellow in the bar gave you a very interesting notion with that freezing pictures business. I hope we never need to use it. I’m pretty sure I ditched all the toxic assholes in my life in my 20’s. Word.

  13. AY! That is the worst! I get that reaction sometimes with NyQyil where I end up hyper instead of sleepy. I tend to get very aggressive while on heavy duty pain medications. After one of my many surgeries, I remember swearing my mouth off at my husband for going over bumps on the road and telling him that I was going to kill his mother. Yea. Not good. 🙂

  14. Wow that sucks! Same thing happened to me with Claritin. As for weird – not really; unless you count the time my friend was over and lit all of us up and when I started feeling reeeeaallly disconnected & decided to cut myself off, my friend said I had a case of “not smoking enough weed”. 😉

  15. Thanks for making me laugh! I’ve had unbelievably trippy dreams after mixing meds (accidentally) or drinking alcohol when i shouldn’t (deliberately) but it’s almost like watching a movie nowadays and for the most part I know it’s not real. Thank God :-s

    • Hahaha – perfect. Sounds like you could start a blog based on those dreams!

    • Hi2##230;..I&88&17;ve recently started a blog, the info you provide on this web site has helped me tremendously. Thanks for all of your time & work. “You do ill if you praise, but worse if you censure, what you do not understand.” by Leonardo DaVinci….

  16. Damn. I’ve never had a reaction to taking drugs. I feel left out.

    The last thing I burned? My temper…standing in line at the grocery store behind a woman trying to pay with her gas card. When the cashier tried to reach over to pull out her Visa, the woman got all snippy and went off on a diatribe about identity thief. I could have clubbed her senseless with my leg of lamb.

    • I’m all for clubbing people with expensive meat. Especially when they’re acting like stupid assholes. Congratulations for never having a weird reaction to drugs – you must have a fancy liver : )

  17. The last thing I burned was my lips, right after I burned a marshmallow! I roasted a marshmallow over the stove and idiotically put the marshmallow on the roasting fork into my mouth and closed my lips over it.

  18. Happy to hear you burned your left overs !

    There’s far too many chemicals being put in bodies these days, time has come to stop 🙂

  19. Last strange experience with drugs…ummm…there was this time in college when…never mind. And the last thing I burned was toast. Yesterday morning.

  20. Ha! Hysterical!

  21. Girl I feel your pain. I just laughed my ass off. Benadryl is the the devil

  22. I don’t remember having any strange reactions to drugs… Oh, right, memory loss! 🙂
    The strangest thing I burned was a Christmas tree in a fireplace (at the time, it seemed like too much effort to open the front door and throw it out, so my roommates and I tore it apart branch by branch, and threw them into the fire. Could this be another strange reaction to some drug?)
    Also, I once burned somebody’s semester’s worth of homework without even checking it. Cause that’s what you get for handing in homework after the grades for the semester have been posted.

  23. Sleeping pills given me hallucinations and headaches funny routine! ..))

  24. this is the funniest recommended blog as of now (for me) XD

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