Survivor’s guilt…

After all that hoopla yesterday about getting laid off, I got the call from my VP at the end of the day saying I’m safe!!!


I still have my job, my paycheck, my benefits, and my tacky little office.  Yay!!!  I also still have my team member, who is the most amazing cohort in crime anyone could ever imagine.  Double yay!!!  I guess I should have survivor’s guilt, but I don’t.  I’m completely psyched I’m still employed.

Naturally some other people weren’t as lucky, and I’m sad for them.  But I think I gave them great advice.


There were only two people (not in my department) I hoped would get laid off.  And they did.  Which means I have superpowers, and I can predict the future.  I’m not an evil person – I had good reason to want them gone.  One had been here since Jesus was a baby and still couldn’t do the job, which made mine harder.  The other one was equally dumb, but also made Satan seem charming and pleasant.  I tried to be sad about their departure but I couldn’t.


Note:  Karma is real, and change is good.

Otherwise, this company is filled with incredibly talented and lovely people, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for every single one of them.

Now that I know my job is secure and I’ve sufficiently danced around my office, I’m abandoning the possibility of being drunk in my underwear at noon on weekdays, and I’m getting back to work.

Thank you all for your well wishes, good luck messages, and internet hugs.  You’re the best!



  1. NotAPunkRocker says:

    I am glad your job is safe and you have the answers you need. Here’s to change in a positive direction! 🙂

  2. Sooo exited to hear your job is safe *not wanting to end on a gloomy “for now” but there you are …*

  3. Really pleased for you – I’m glad that everything has worked out well for you!

  4. So happy for you and not surprised. I know you work your arse off.

  5. Hooray! I’m glad you’re safe!

  6. I’ve been away from blogging dealing with some neck pain issues.

    If I’d known all this was going on in your life, I would have sincerely given a fuck.

    Congrats on being kept. Is that anything like being a kept woman? Because while kind of sexist, sounds kind of fabulous. *wink-wink*

    • Oh no – I’m so sorry to hear that! Neck pain is the WORST. Are you okay now?
      For the record, I’m totally okay with being a kept woman, so long as I have a big fat diamond ring on my hand. Wait. I think I’m getting that wrong. To be kept means you’re the mistress huh? In that case, hell no, I’d rather work. I wouldn’t even be picky about the occupaton : ) Thank you for sincerely giving a fuck – you’re the best! XO

  7. Some days I wish they would lay me off. On the other hand, congrats on not getting fired!

    • I totally understand. There were some days during this two month nightmare I wished for that also, but honestly, I’d rather leave on my own terms when the time comes…

  8. Congratulations! Glad the stupid people got the chop – there are so many of them in the world but at least someone else will have to deal with them now 😉

  9. Yay! Awesome stuff!

  10. While I’m sure getting drunk in your underwear during the day has some appeal, Congratulations!

  11. Yay! Congratulations on still being gainfully employed! Don’t worry. I’ll get drunk and dance in my underwear tomorrow for you. Cuz I’m helpful like that. 🙂

  12. I am drunk and dancing in my underwear as I read this. I orobably should stop since dong that at the office could get me fired…

    That being said, I’m very happy for you (although not surprised) that they realized they couldn’t live without you and your cohort in crime 😉

  13. Congratulations!!!

  14. monabliss says:

    WAHOOOOOOO!!! Happy dance…now get back to work. LOL! xoxo

  15. YAY !! So happy you made it, and being drunk in undies at work would be celebratory. =) Doing a happy dance for you… I agree that you have superpowers, if you ever feel like using them for evil instead of good, give me a ping ! =)

  16. Yay, and congrats…
    Now, go dance drunk…
    I leave the choice of costume to your discretion.

  17. I am way late to the conversation, but wanted to say congrats on keeping your job, and double congrats on getting to see karma work on your useless co-workers. That is a rare and special thing.

    Having worked for the same company for 19 years, but that company having had, oh, five different names during the sales, mergers, bankruptcies, etc., and still having my job, I share your thoughts that karma is real and change is good!

  18. The “attempting to give a fuck” meter is the funniest thing ever!! haha love it. And I’m so happy you still have your job!! yay! I know my husbands company goes through HUGE periodic lay-offs and it’s always an incredibly tense time, so congrats!!!

  19. Sweet! Congrats on keeping that job!

    As for those superpowers…how about I start playing the lottery and you use them to help me win one million dollars? Ready? Start….nnnnnow!

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  21. Hi Molly 🙂 Just want to get to know you. So you are nominated for the Liebster.

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  1. drapes says:


    Survivor’s guilt… – Mollytopia

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