How to be totally lazy while appearing productive

Right now while I’m at work the awesome people of Instacart are shopping for ALL my groceries and household items!


Three personal shoppers will descend upon my house between 4-5pm with all my stuff, I will put everything away in 12 minutes, and my family will come home and think I’m a hero for keeping our home so well-stocked.  I love the internet.


If you would like strangers to touch your groceries and then bring them to you, click RIGHT HERE and revel in your own beautiful laziness.

FREE delivery on your first order – yay!

This is not a sponsored post –  I just wanted to see what it feels like to have a staff at home.

I like it.

Happy Friday y’all!


  1. I’ve been addicted to this same service here in Denmark. So much cooler easier to have things dropped directly at your door. And they manage to keep it price-competitive too. Enjoy the lazin…uh…productivity.

  2. Productivity is all a matter of perspective. And I prefer mine to be from the couch. I’m proud of you, Molly… 😉

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  4. I totally buy into this concept of having ‘staff.’ Kudos!

  5. For the OCD shoppers, how do you know they are picking the “right” fruit on your behalf? I mean what if the apple doesn’t have enough red, or doesn’t glisten properly when you hold it up to the bright fluorescent lights and sing a sweet lullaby to it… and will they reach to the back of the fridge to get the milk with the longest expiry date? I’m torn between my laziness and the need to be the customer from hell.

    • Oh I fear I’ve mislead you. Being your OCD pal, let me assure you I sent “the staff” for non-perishable items only. I would NEVER allow anyone to select produce or meat on my behalf. And frankly, I frowned when I saw they selected paper towels that weren’t plain white : (. I’m not concerned about an expiration date on dairy products even though I should be, but trust, I need to fondle all the fruit and vegetables, and have the butcher bring out a new tenderloin and cut it in front of me. Gahhhd I hate myself now. Thanks for pointing out I’m the customer from hell. Sigh. But now we’re bonded for life! Yay!

  6. I get how we can buy everything on the Internet, the only thing that confuses me is clothes. How do know how specific items of clothing will sit on your body, just by looking at models wearing them?

  7. I could definitely use that service. I may click…..

  8. Great idea

  9. My Bride uses Peapod. It seems kind of expensive. That laziness comes at a price. And the produce they deliver is GIGANTIC. We have a onion the size of a basketball in our fridge. We think it’s more for restaurants.

    • I love that you call her your bride 🙂 They don’t offer Peapod in my area so I can’t compare, but any business that helps errands get completed without your participation is awesome in my book. But, having said that, it was more expensive (each item) and I probably will only use it twice a year, when I’m just TIRED. What are you going to do with that onion???

  10. johnberk says:

    I prefer to do this the other way around – I go to one of the farms we have around and shop directly from the people who locally produce stuff. This way I don’t use any plastic wraps, plastic bags, and other unnecessary things that usually accompany shopping. And I support people whom I know personally. Anyway, thanks for your suggestion, you know, just in case I would desperately need something without being able to go to the grocery store.

    • Hey John – your last post about the farms is so cool! I respect your dedication to eliminating plastic where possible – I could do more in that area myself. Thanks for chiming in – nice to meet you!

  11. Oh I so wish we had this here! I do a lot of other shopping online though. I do love deliveries!

  12. georgia hart says:

    this is such a good idea!

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  14. A great app!

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