“Finished” has multiple meanings

Por exemplo, to some people, “I’m finished” looks like this:

To other people (me), this is the opposite of “finished.”  This is more:  the Chaos Gods will climb out of the earth and eat your soul if you leave it like this.

I’m not saying one definition is right.  I’m just objectivley noting that we all have a unique perspective.

My perspective is I’m moving out.


  1. That nail polish is making me nervous on that carpet.

  2. Well, somebody is definitely not mature enough for all that make-up.

  3. lol. I always feel like since my bathroom doesn’t look like this at the end of my shower and preparation, I am somehow less woman!

  4. Did you rob the cosmetic counter at a department store or did you hijack a clown mobile? #toomuchgirlstuff

  5. That’s not finished. That’s “F*** it, it’s good enough for now”

  6. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Finished what, exactly?

  7. That’s kinda like my 24-y-o being “”finished”” cleaning his room yet it still smells like a gym locker.

  8. This…move out of the way and I will do it…Hefty sack!!!

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