Now THIS is News…

According to Vanity Fair, “the Duchess of Cambridge not only went out but spoke last night.”

Oh dear Lord, how did a pregnant person ever manage to negotiate both of those tasks on the SAME DAY???

You can read the details about this maternity miracle here:

You’ll also be fascinated to know she performed this magical feat in a dress that was “daringly low at the back” according to Daily Mail.

photo credit splash news

photo credit splash news


Que en el mundo?


  1. Amazing how people can multitask. I’ve been known to be able to both sleep and breathe at the same. I know…no applause…okay…one more bow…please everyone you are too kind…Good night!

  2. Meanwhile, in America, Kim k just recorded a track for Kayne’s new record in a maternity g-string.

  3. Dianne Ramsey says:

    Funny. What would she do if she had a job?  Poor princess.

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