Be Awesome. It’s Easy.

I am not a product reviewer.

However, if I think something is fabulous, that’s because it is, and I want the people I care about, you, to know it exists. That’s what friends are for.

This is one of those things.

Jolie arrangement by Olive & Cocoa

Jolie arrangement by Olive & Cocoa

Before you frown at the temporary pause on my mock button, please read the next two sentences.

These flowers are as pretty as most supermodels, and they don’t have to be airbrushed.

When theses flowers die, they magically morph into an exquisite dried arrangement instead of  a heart-breaking stinky-rotting-water chore.


This means you don’t have to water them, or tend to them in any way.  Ever.  And they’re a perfect conversation piece for those awkward occasions when you’re forced to invite people into your home for cocktails and/or dinner when you don’t want to.  These arrangements are great because you’ll look like a genius for having such a clever item in your home, or such a clever lover, spouse, family member, or whatever.  Everyone’s a winner because of these flowers, and that’s the whole point.

I received this box of happiness for Valentines Day because I’m special.

Jardin de Fleurs by Olive and Cocoa

Jardin de Fleurs by Olive and Cocoa

They were gorgeous when they arrived (above), and they’re just as gorgeous today (below):

photo credit:  my own self

photo credit: my own self

Awesome, no?

You’ll also be happy to know that after the flowers have arrived in their own fancy box, the lovely people from Utah call to make sure you’re properly wowed. I tip my hat to people who care so much, and that’s why I love this company.  Plus they have stylish cartoon gals wearing crowns on the cover of their catalog.  Impossible not to love.

Here’s why I’m telling you all this: Mother’s Day is precisely two weeks from tuh-day.  This charming and nearly ever-lasting solution is my gift to you.  They have lots of other gasp-worthy luxury items as well, but the flowers are my personal favorite.

Therefore, if you’d prefer to casually wait for that weepy and grateful phone call, or giant kiss on your face while other people are running around the mall like idiots at the last minute, or hating themselves while standing in line at the UPS store behind everyone else who blew it, then go to Olive & Cocoa and make some magic happen.

Note:  every mother, wife, girlfriend, sister, grandmother, aunt – any person who has allowed a tiny human to transverse their vaginal canal – is deeply in touch with the following:  you’ve had 364 days to prepare for this day.

This is your chance to be a hero.  This is your chance to get it so absolutely right you break the whole holiday with your awesome.

See?  Easy.


  1. What about Father’s Day?

  2. Love these!!

  3. What you said about flowers was really true, but then it made me think about how dried up and dead models COULD be sort of pretty too. I like skeletons and mummies almost as I like living people.

  4. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

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