Yes, light-up lip gloss.

Okay you know I just ordered that shit. You’re welcome Chrissy D. I mean all you had to say was it’s “A Miss America Favorite” hulloh. Light up lip gloss stfu, I’m psyched. I wasn’t sure how to respond to the following tidbit at the end of my order though:
“Sharing information with your referring IBO allows him/her to communicate about sales, programs, incentives or benefits that will help you with your Amway experience.”
I checked no because I don’t know what an IBO is – too close to IBS – and I don’t think I want an experience. I just want the gloss.
Thanks, just one chick!


How cool is this?

light up gloss.jpg

My friend Chrissy was in town from San Francisco. Before we went to Lucali, we were at an event at the Darby Downstairs. When she whipped out her lip gloss in the darkened club, I was impressed.

Chrissy always looks fabulous so I was expecting her lip gloss to be Chanel, or maybe Bobbi Brown. Nope.

“Amway!” she revealed. You can buy light-up lipgloss (and other items) from her here

Note: not a sponsored post. Just a cool tip I wanted to share.

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  1. Ever so happy to be of service!

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