Class War at Pet Supermarket?


The fancy non-feeder goldfish in the other tank must have rich parents, or connections with store management. Maybe they’re the 1%ers in fish land?

But why are the goldfish in the feeder tank only good enough to be fed to other fish?  Are they not pretty enough?  Bad poker game?

You know I’m morbidly curious, so I wondered if they realize they’re just waiting their turn to be eaten alive.  It broke my heart.  I wanted to take the whole aquarium home with us.

But I didn’t want to clean it every week.  Lookit, I’m a realist.  A big-hearted, over-thinking, realist.

We saved a Betta fish instead.  His name is Hector.

We took him out for pizza, and then moved him into his new (small, plastic and easy-to-clean) fish mansion.


I still want to go back and rescue every goldfish on death feeder row, but sometimes saving one is all you can do.

That one is worth celebrating.

Welcome home little dude.


  1. Good-hearted!!!

  2. Miss Molly says:

    My daughter was just trying to find a goldfish and couldn’t. I hope they haven’t all been sent to Feeder Hell in my neighborhood. The sign on the tank really makes me sad. Harsh. Couldn’t they just put a price and leave out the “condemned” part of it?

  3. I love everything about this post! That you wanted to save the feeder fish, that you named your new Betta Hector, and that you took him for pizza. He’s gunna love you. 😀

  4. Poor fish can’t get no love. That made me want to go buy every one. Great post but dang, the poor things.

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