One Chicklette

Giant bear hugs and inappropriate sloppy kisses to One Chicklette for thinking I’m interesting enough to spotlight on twitter.  I’m not sure what it means to be spotlighted (spotlit?), but I’m psyched!  If you haven’t checked her out, please do yourself the favor and go ahead and get that done.  She’s one of us and I know you know what I’m saying when I say those words with my mouth fingers.

Btw?  I kind of want to stab myself because she asked me who in social media I would like to meet in person, and dammit it’s all of you.  I could only list five, and it broke my heart but here they are:  Don of all tradesOutlaw Mama, Carinn Jade, Memoirs of a Mom Who Ticks, Alicia Bon and Go Jules Go.  There are so many others:  Clown on Fire,  BensBitterBlog, Running NekkidSpeaker  7Alicia BentonStunted Adults, and You Monsters are People just to name a very few.  Every blog I read makes my world better – know you’re in that category.  Eventually I will have the chance to list you all somewhere.

Thank you again to One Chicklette.  I look forward to seeing you very soon.  Because I’m a stalker.

Not really.



  1. Le Clown says:

    Posky is a funny man. Good choice.
    Le Clown

  2. LeClown,
    Which one is Posky please – Don, Ben or Matt? The internet is so secret-ish.

  3. I am so bitter that I am not in the top 5, but you know that already. Besides, I don’t even know what I am out of the top 5 of. Arrrghhhh!

  4. Feeling is entirely mutual!

  5. May be easiest to just meet me in real life first so that your desire to meet other bloggers in real life is eradicated nearly completely. Lol. I’m touched that you even read my garbage, so knowing that you’d want to meet me made me feel all special and pretty. Thanks for that. I think you’re pretty ok too!

    • I could have sworn I already replied to this, but wordpress says no. I’m for meeting in real life. At the place where I can eat my body weight in catfish, and try to squeeze by “wayward fatasses” that are stuck in the doorway : )

      • Lol, yup. Hey honey, I’m going to meet my blogger friend Molly at the fried chicken place.

        Oh, ok, what does she look like?

        Um, she’s incredibly pretty and funny as fuck.

        Ok, Don, let me get you a beer for the road and, hold on….ah, yes, here’s my crow bar.

        That’s best case scenario.

      • Hahaha – how you got so cray?

      • Lol, yes. My brain is damaged because of that damn crow bar! I do love you though in a blogger who is married and asexual outside of his own bedroom sort of way.

  6. Congrats lady!! The spotlight is very well-deserved, and the rest of the SA crew & myself are stoked to have made your short list. I’m looking forward to welcoming One Chicklette into our crazy little family!

  7. I am so happy to be on this list. I have been SO behind in reading everybody lately, but right now with blackberry Merlot on the ready, the kids out for the night, and Aretha Franklin playing, I am FINALLY catching up. Wow…Now I’m depressed that these are my big plans for my night alone. ANYWAY, Molly, I love your sass and your moxie and everything you write and thanks again for including me.

    • Thanks Amy! I’m totally behind also – like unrecoverably behind. I just made that shit up with my mouth fingers. Anywho, your night sounds fabulous. I’d like to join you. Thank you for the compliment – I’m glad to have you as a friend. Because you kick ASS. XO

  8. Congratulations! Celebrity has a fine line between being celebrated and being Kim freakin’ Kardashian. Tread lightly (since being a celebrity also requires donning high heels and you could sprain yourself if you don’t. Oh, also because of that fine line xD)


  1. […] Mollytopia –  Not an AWARD, exactly, but she digs me…and I dig her…and we’re going to don mermaid tails and swim around together someday. […]

  2. […] Mollytopia –  Not an AWARD, exactly, but she digs me…and I dig her…and we’re going to don mermaid tails and swim around together someday. […]

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