When I swing past it with my ass on fire.

That’s when I recognize balance*.

Specifically, Saturday before last I was in NYC doing classy things like staying at the Royalton, taking a fancy cheese class at Murray’s with the lovely Jennifer (aka @1chicklette), and having sophisticated conversations about photography, fashion week and news in the literary world.

Fast forward to this past Saturday when I was in the front row of the Drunken Unicorn catcalling my dear friends of Le Sexoflex while they rapped about sex wearing nothing but pantyhose. As you would expect, the evening ended at an amazing gay bar with a drag queen named Storm and a clown lighting cigarettes with a flower. This is the beautiful dichotomy of life, yes? Yes. It’s also why my tagline reads “Fabulously Refined / Wildly Inappropriate.” Welcome. Here are some pics of both weekends.

I checked in here.

I checked in here.

The lobby was awesome.

The lobby was awesome.

I marveled at this.

I marveled at this.

Had my hair cut by Addam.  No, I didn't know him.  I know.  But it worked out.  Yay!

Then had my hair cut by Addam, a total stranger in a salon I’d never heard of. It worked out. Yay!

Went to Il Buco for dinner.  Please go.

Went to Il Buco for dinner. Please go.

With her.  You'll love her.  Follow her blog and on Twitter.  She's fabulous.

With Jennifer. You’ll love her. Follow her blog and on Twitter. She’s fabulous.

I learned this about cheese.  And mostly that I want to eat it.

I learned this about cheese. And mostly that I want to eat it.

This is Murray's.  I want to be a mouse when I grow up.

This is Murray’s. I want to be a mouse when I grow up.

And then beat everyone's ass in skeeball because I'm from the Dirty Myrt and that's what we do.  That's @Megurbani losing with dignity and poise.

Then I beat everyone’s ass in skeeball because: Dirty Myrt. That’s @Megurbani losing with poise.

And now to the Le Sexoflex show. And whatnot.

This is Miss Lady Flex, aka Dana.

This is Miss Lady Flex, aka Dana.

Princess Genius on the left, aka Siobhan, with fishnet ladyman.

Princess Genius on the left, aka Siobhan, with fishnet ladyman.

This is Vas D, aka magical unicorn Drew.

Vas D, aka magical unicorn Drew.

That's Peep Peep on the right aka Fabuliss Matt.

Peep Peep on the far right, aka Matt.

Three of the crew.  On the right that's Peep Peep, aka Matt.

The crew of Le Sexoflex getting it done, like they do.

This is Storm.  Note:  I am standing up.  No shit.

This is Storm, and I am standing up. On my feet. No shit.

This the cigarette lighting clown with the amazing one and only Josh.

And the cigarette-lighting clown, with the amazing, one and only Josh.

I may never get the confetti out of my wellies. But at least it’s out of my bra.


Y’all are beautiful. Don’t stop believing.

*Phrase adapted from Grant Henry of Sister Louisa. I added “with my ass on fire,” which I’m certain he would approve. He’s a fiery kind of guy.


  1. So glad to hear you were in NYC. I’m typing from a coffee shop on the corner of Broadway and 51st. This place isn’t for everyone, but everyone should visit it at least once.

    Il Buco IS pretty lovely! Did you hit up any museums? There are three KILLER exhibits at the Whitney right now. All under one roof. Quantity AND quality.

    • I love NYC! Good for you in the coffee shop writing and being all city-fabulous…Regrettably I did not make it to the Whitney, or the Met this time (I really wanted to see the fashion exhibit). It was a very short trip (up Friday, back Sunday), but I’ll return before the end of the year : ) Thank you for reading and chiming in.

  2. Molly,
    I have to comment on the following, because I am humble:
    1. Title: something “on fire”…
    2. Mention of unicorns
    3. AND a cigarette-lighting clown.
    I am happy that I wasn’t in your mind while you were in NY.
    Le Clown

  3. If there is a heaven, it would be that cheese shop.

  4. hahahaha….this reminded me of the time I loaned some luggage to a drag queen friend. When he brought it back he said, “I think I got all the glitter out…at least I hope I did.”

  5. I want to live at the royalton. What a fun life.

    • It’s a cool hotel but if you go beware there’s very little light in the sleeping rooms (which makes my head start closing in on itself – fortunately I was only there for sleeping). Overall very stylish spot and excellent service…Always makes me smile to see your name pop up – thanks for chiming in. XO

  6. Wow, all that shower is missing is a bottle of Patron and some go-go dancers.

  7. Aaahhhh, what fun! Mind if I live vicariously through you? LOL

  8. Drag kings and queens! Now that’s a party!

  9. The perfect life balance. Lucky grrrrl!

  10. I would love this post even if I weren’t in it (but of course I love it 200x as much now!). Please come back soon! xxoo

  11. Molly, I am a 42 year old guy that lives in SC and works at the Home Depot. I cannot imagine myself doing what you just described. Very exciting life you lead.

  12. I want to do all of that. ALL OF IT. Right now.

    After reading this, I actually started sizing up everything in my house and calculating whether I could swing a move back to NYC by tomorrow. Because Il Buco and Murray’s are that good (as are drag queens, but I’ve got plenty of them down here).

    Also, thanks to you, I now have Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ in my head. That’s starting out today in an interesting direction…

    • This is another reason I love WP: questions. What did you do in NYC? When did you leave? Where are you now? Doing what? If this is all stuff you don’t want to share in a comment, we can take it off at info at mollytopia dot com. I always love to see your name pop up. Going to catch up on your blog now!

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