Here. I Did Your Christmas/Hanukkah Shopping for You

Here are some of my favorites for this season.  The links will take you right to the add-this-to-your-cart part of the site because you’re busy and I’m helpful.  Happy shopping!

[This is not a sponsored post.  I have received no goods, services, cash or drugs.  I just like this stuff and think it’s awesome, like you].


Lump of Coal

Being bad has its (vanilla meringue) rewards and whatnot.  $30 at Dean & Deluca.

This is my favorite lip balm in the history of ever.  It’s $25 (I know, I thought it was stupid, too, but I’ve bought three since then – they’re that good) at Sephora.  By the way, they’re having a sale called Dealtopia – there’s slew of stocking stufferish type things for $10 each (while supplies last – two items per customer).


Yes this pocket gadget can charge anything except you.  $18 at Flight 001.


Winter is here, skin is dry, put this in your purse.  $7 at Flight 001.



If you want your kid(s) or other people’s kid(s) to do some chores, this Responsibility Board is $48 at Uncommon Goods.

If you want your kid(s) or other people’s kid(s) to tell better stories, this will help and it looks like fun. This could also turn into a drinking game for adults after the kid(s) go to bed.  It’s $30 at Uncommon Goods.

If you want your kid(s) or someone else’s kid(s) to get paint all over the house, this is awesome because they can take it from room to room.  I’m kidding.  Anna has it and loves it.  Both fold out drawers are full of art supplies (oil paint, tempera paint, drawing pencils, colored pencils, wood palette, brushes and a blank canvas).  $115 at the Met Museum.  Use promo code BFRIDAY 13 now through 1/21 and get 25% off…


Christian Louboutin Book

If they love fashion, and shoes, this is a yes.  $148 at Olive and Cocoa.


No need to be an outsider.  Ever.  $19.95 at Flight 001.

"Bad Boy" Candle

This is not for a real “bad boy” because hulloh we don’t spend money on those guys.  This is to encourage the good guy in your life to be a little more bad.  Or something.  Whatever.  I like this candle because has tobacco in it and probably smells manly and stuff.  $54 at Olive and Cocoa.

cuffThese fancy cuffs are handmade from fresh fruits and vegetables, AND they’re stylish. Perfect for the eco-friendly person on your list, if you can set aside how annoying they are for being up your ass about eating beef.  $40 at Uncommon Goods.

Deerskin Driving Gloves

These driving gloves are hot shit.  The end.  Note:  these are “mens'” and there’s only size, sorry people with small feminine hands.  $118 at Olive and Cocoa.

travelbagThis is the coolest toiletry travel bag ever made, and you should get one for yourself immediately.  $42 at Flight 001.  Note:  they have a gajillion other things you will want, so prepare to get lost in a shopping wormhole if you visit the site.


A Taste of Italy Gourmet Gift

A Taste of Italy – squeal – these baskets range from $65-135 at Dean and Deluca.

Hampton's Brunch Gourmet Gift Basket

The Hampton’s Brunch Basket.  Shut up.  I want anything from the Hampton’s. It’s $195 at Dean and Deluca.

ginThis is a make-your-own gin kit!  So cool, right?  $50 at Uncommon Goods.

Monthly Clubs

When I grow up I want to be in the Murray’s Cheese (or Meat, or Pairing) of the Month Club. Memberships range from 4-12 months and start at $275.


Tasters Club for Bourbon and Scotch – they have a university, too.  So clever.  Memberships range from one month to months and start at $83/month.

Thank You Gourmet Cookie Gift

This isn’t holiday related, but if you need to say thank you to someone, with cookies, this is a good idea also.  $48 at Dean and Deluca.

Who’s the hardest person on your list to shop for?


  1. Cool stuff! My husband is the most difficult to shop for because he’s reached that stage of life where he has everything he needs. We usually pick him out some fun boxer shorts. And this year I’m going to make a photo book from the past year. Our first photo book ever! (Yes, I’ve done an album or maybe 2, but I take a gazillion photos each year).

    • Ohhhh photo books are my dream come true! I take a million pictures too, but I never do anything with them, except organize them in meticulous folders by event, month and year on my computer. I keep saying one day, but it hasn’t happened yet. Best gift ever – great job by you!

  2. MasterCard and I thank you, Molly. Especially MasterCard, LOL! I went online and ordered a couple of things. Christmas is probably my least favourite time of year so anything or anyone who can make it easier for me is tops on my list. 🙂 The hardest person for me to shop for is my brother. His was one of the gifts I just ordered. Bonus!

  3. This post makes me wonder, how much you got paid for it 😉 *just kidding*

    If I have somebody hard to shop for or somebody who “has got everything” I usually come up with some event he/she/they can go to, buy tickets and everything. That makes for some memories rather than wardrobe/cupboard-fillers.

    • None of these companies even know I exist haha (other than being on their mailing list). So no, this isn’t a sponsored post, or a somebody-gave-me-something post. It was just for fun because I love holiday shopping, and I thought it might be helpful : )

    • Events are fantastic gifts -I’m going to keep that in mind this year, too! Thanks : )

  4. $25 for lip balm!!?? I don’t mean to come to your house and be all outraged and whatnot but that’s nuts. You’ve spent $75 on lip balm? I’d need a foot rub along with it.

    Some pretty great ideas, otherwise. The driving gloves can double as assassination gloves.

    The hardest person to shop for is my wife because she truly doesn’t give a shit about material things. It’s one of the reasons I married her. I never met anyone like her. I have friends who’s wives can’t burn through their money fast enough. It’s great except around Christmas/her birthday. What do you get for the woman who is unimpressed by materialism? It’s all meh to her.

    • I KNOW. But love lip gloss and lip balms etc. In my defense, I’ve used every one of them until I was digging it out with a fingernail, which is really disgusting but that’s how much…Yes on the gloves – excellent point! Your wife sounds super fabulous – maybe she would enjoy having an experience with you – some outing or adventure you could enjoy together? Time is the best gift anyway. You’re both super smart : )

  5. Hahahaha this was excellent– your family seems just as inappropriate and ridiculous as mine! Who’d have thought? 😉 Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for this word: “toupullet” and for making me want that huge ass refrigerator wine cellar thing (not that I ever have any food to put in it).

    • I think our families are definitely similar hahaha. I’m glad you like toupullet – party with that as much as you like. And if you get that fridge I’m moving in : ) Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Hey Molly! I’m digging your blog! Bloggers like you are why I want to blog!!

    I’m a little tired from lack of sleep, so…
    I got the picture captions confused and thought the gloves were made of fruits and vegetables. Vegan driving gloves.
    Wait, the cuffs go up your ass? Like anal beads, only cuffs?
    I’ll punch anyone who buys me a book on shoes. I love shoes. Buy me shoes.
    Meat of the Month Club? That’d better be about sending Magic Mike-ish guys to my house every month.
    $25 chap stick. Only in America.
    Kids don’t do chores because they own a Responsibility Board. They have to be threatened. I’ d go with the Vegetable Anal Cuffs for that one.

    I’ll be back. Frequently.
    xo, samara

  7. I had driving gloves once. What a stroke I must have been back then! Lol, of course, they didn’t cost $118 though. Thanks for all the holiday research. My wife’s birthday is tomorrow so I better get crackin’!

    • I kind of want the driving gloves for myself. And a Porsche. And an open track. My birthday is in June. Happy Birthday to your fabulous wife! I bet you were hot shit in your driving gloves. Pics please.

  8. Only here can I admit to having loved the Evian brumisateur for the last 20 years! As a disclaimer, I don’t make a habit of buying it but, when I do, it makes me feel soooo French

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