Striving to Sitwell

Dame Edith Sitwell  Daily Mail

Dame Edith Sitwell
Daily Mail

If you’re not familiar with this amazing woman/genius/poet, don’t feel bad.  I wasn’t either until I read her quote yesterday, “I have often wished I had time to cultivate modesty.”

What in the world???

I’m southern.  Modesty is our birthright.  You can’t be a lady without being modest.

[OH HORSESHIT.  You’re only recoiling because you WISH you had the courage to be that bold and confident.  Oh snap.  The truth train just came barreling down the tracks.  Get up – you’re not hurt.]

Totally true.  So I had to find out more.

Dame Edith Sitwell was born in a time when a girl’s loftiest aspiration was marriage, but she wasn’t pretty enough. Her family pitied her and wondered what would become of their ugly little duckling. To make matters worse, her mother was an alcoholic and suffered from aphasia.

Party for little Edith, right?

Wrong.  But she did what all good heroines do:  she turned her so-called faults into her greatest attributes.  She accentuated her long spindly fingers by growing her nails unfashionably long, painting them bright red and piling on giant rings before it was cool.  Her wardrobe consisted of outlandish ensembles punctuated with flamboyant hats that highlighted her bony features. She shunned all talk of dowries and fitting into certain social circles and immersed herself in literature instead.  She lived her life out loud and saw beauty where others didn’t.

I want to grow up and be her.

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of my first post.  I considered making an announcement of some sort but the modest part of me wouldn’t allow it.  It’s “gauche and braggy.”  No.

This makes zero sense because I LOVE to read these milestones from other bloggers.  I’m genuinely thrilled for them, it encourages me to write another post, and creates an immediate sense of camaraderie.  It also reminds me that the things we do for fun are just as worthwhile as the things we do because we have to, or because we should.  We’re connected to a sea of awesome people and it starts with just one blog post.

If that’s not worth celebrating I don’t know what is.

Fuck modesty.

I’ve been showing up every chance I get for 365 days in a row, which for me is a miracle.  I’ve been honest when I didn’t want to and shared things I probably shouldn’t have, and that’s exactly why I came here.  I wanted a place to say whatever I want to, whenever I want to.  It’s MINE.  I’m proud of it.  There – I said it.

Thank you, Dame Edith Sitwell for not sitting well.  Thank for you standing up – for all that you wanted to do and be…and for encouraging the rest of us to follow suit.

To all my friends around the globe (virtual and in the flesh), The Council, my family, and the people who are quietly stalking me just to feel better about themselves, thank you thank you thank you for reading, commenting and being on this adventure with me.  You are all FABULOUS in a million ways and I appreciate the shit out of you.

To Michael, thank for you setting up this blog, handing me a laptop, and politely threatening to beat my narrow ass if I didn’t write something.  There is beauty in beginning and because of you I did.  Thank you.

For the next 365 days let’s ALL take a page from Dame Edith Sitwell’s book and NOT be modest together.

Shine on, y’all.



  1. Happy blogaversary!!!

    Here’s to many more years in the ‘sphere.
    And modesty is overrated.

  2. Let’s be honest here: You have so much to NOT be modest about, Molly. So, even more than a congratulations for beginning this blog 366 days ago, I want to say thank you for doing all that you do — in words and deeds — so brilliantly and with such style; sitting, standing, jumping or otherwise 😉

    • Ned you’re the best. Thank you so much for this. And for making me get all teary-eyed and sniffly haha. I’m so happy I found your blog. You’re one of the brightest lights in the blogosphere : ). XO

  3. You’ve only been doing this for one year?? Waaa daaa faaa…

    Happy anniversary by the way. And a lovely touch on that Sitwell not sitting well line.

    And as an added piece of useless trivia, I may well have looked after the tax affairs of some of her descendants. The place I used to work was very posh, don’t you know? Dames, Lords, Sirs… And me.

    • Thanks Sean! I can’t believe it’s already been a year. In other news you are now forever attached to Dame Edith Sitwell and her wealth in my mind : )

  4. “Quietly stalking me just to feel better about themselves” #Ouch

    • I share so many of my awkward moments it will surly make everyone else feel like they’re totally winning at life by comparison : )

      • You’re awesome. I totally resent it.

        By the bye, sisyphusjns = montaignejns. I started a WP Blog. Well, I posted an about page and now I am cowering in the corner debating if posting anything else will completely ruin my life. I believe my name above my comment links to the blog.

      • Oh my gosh it’s YOU! I followed your blog, so now you must post something. Win! The About page is a hoot – what’s with the Supreme Court getting all up in your business? Are you a trouble maker???

      • Wait. The gravatar about description is funny. The about on the blog is serious. I like them both : )

  5. Happy blogoversary!!! I’ve only recently discovered you. I’m happy about all the awesome I’ve encountered thus far, but bummed about all the awesome I missed beforehand. I think I need to drink this shame away.

  6. Shine on! Congrats, Molly! You absolutely should celebrate this milestone. Sitwell is one cool lady.

  7. Congratulations on one year! That’s amazing!

  8. I love that quote! I need to remember that so I can say it to my grandchildren one day. Thanks for sharing and happy anniversary!

  9. Molly!!! YAY! Happy Blogiversary!! You should be very proud — your writing is a gift to your readers. I’m so grateful to have discovered you – and I thank you for entertaining me!

    Shine on, indeed, sista!
    xoxo nancy

    p.s. The fact that you got Guap to spill his real name makes me very happy.
    Helloooooo Dave! 🙂

    • Heyyyyy thanks so much Nancy!!! I’m so glad our paths crossed – hooray! I didn’t know El Guapo was a secret guy – I love it : ) Shine on, lady! XO

  10. Girl, go down to Little Five and get you a big ole ring! Congratulations!

  11. Love you and your blog. Happy anniversary.

  12. With the caveat that I will continue to consider modesty a virtue–someone has to be a stick in the mud, and it might as well be me–, I wish you an ever-so-slightly-belated happy anniversary for the blog, M.

  13. I’m shaking a martini shaker in your name. Congrats.
    More of the same, please. *grin*

  14. If Dame Edith were in NYC she’d live on the Lower East Side and host all-nighters with drag queens. Huzzah!

    Habby burf day to ewwww.
    Habby burf day to ewwww. *hic*
    Habby burf day deeeear blog.
    Habby burf day to ewwww.

  15. Congratulations on your blogiversary!!!

  16. I have suffered and laughed my ass off at your imagination (not that what you say is not true – but the way you can make it all hilarious and forgiving). Congratulations on this milestone of one year of memorable and unbelievably remarkable posts. You have convinced me to start writing on my post instead of just looking at my name. I promise to start as soon as my court hearing is over. Ha!

  17. HAHA Molly I promise I will not be modest either. I am going to just be what and who i am and not worry about what anyone ever says. I am going to not care what anyone thinks. Wow I bet you are smiling. I was not able to type this with a straight face. I am soooo excited about Molly 2.0 Raise your fist and Yell lady!

    Molly i wrote a guest post for someone called I am tom nardone, welcome to my show about this very thing. So proud to know you.

    • Yay Tom!!! You’re awesome. I love your blog. You consistently crack me up and I admire your love-me-or-leave-me attitude : ) Looking forward to another year of blogship with you!

      • As am I my dear. I was drawn to you because of your love for your father and the circus stuff with him is among the most interesting things I read. So glad we found each other molly and I too, am looking forward to a great year

  18. Oh, thank you! Thank you for celebrating with us (POP- virtual champagne…), but moreover, thank you for getting up and writing whenever you could. I got all warm and fuzzy reading your post tonight (granted, it may have been the champagne) thinking about how we each set these tiny goals and then help each other towards them. Your immodesty inspires, each and every post. And to that I say, CHEERS! (clinking of glasses…) Blog on, brave Mama! (immodest burp)

    • Hooray it’s Jen!!! Champagne induced comments rule! Thanks for the compliments and well wishes. I’m so happy I found your blog – you rock. Here’s to another year for both of us : ) Cheers!

  19. We started blogging on the same month last year! Feliz Aniversario, Molly! Who has time for modesty, it’s not as fun! Here’s to many more blogaversaries! 🙂

    • Hooray for us!!! March 2013 was an exciting month : ) Thank you for the well wishes lady – big love to you – here’s to another year for both of us!

  20. Aw, LOVE THIS! And LOVE YOU my blogosphere friend!! Congrats on the one year! Can’t wait to keep reading. I wish we lived closer. I could see us getting into trouble.

  21. Happy blogaversary, Molly!!!

    And just Amen sister to everything in this post!

  22. A big FAT fucking congrats on your one-year anniversary of your blog. You have one killer sense of humour, lady. I’ll drink to that. Twice.

  23. Wow, I can’t believe you’ve only been at this for a year, Molly. I don’t know what it is that makes me think you’ve been at this longer, but I’m really stunned that my shitty blog is a little older than yours. So anyway, I love your blog. There are a handful of bloggers who, when I see they posted, I smile and look forward to reading, and yours are those. Does that even make sense? Whatever, I’m drinking. Anyway, you fucking rock you Southern Belle you! Keep it up!

    • Hey thanks Don! Your blog is one of the first I followed! I’m pretty sure I’ve everything you’re written since last March : ). So glad we bumped into each other in the crazy blogosphere!

      • No, you missed one I think. Well, maybe you didn’t but you just didn’t like it? Lol. How sad that I’d even notice. Keep on truckin’, Molly!

  24. Love an unapologetic old bird, me… x

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