But what if your crotch gets addicted?

Hey there’s a new vaginal marijuana potion that produces a 15-minute climax.


Que en el mundo?

Speaking of being high, this guy is trying to enter the stratosphere in an air balloon using batteries, 2-way radios, a parachute, balloons and helium.  He needs your help.  If you’ve built and launched your own high-altitude balloon please get in touch with him.

This is what the internet is for.

Have you ever had a bizarre idea for a product or service you were convinced was revolutionary?  


  1. That gif scares the crap out of me…

  2. I don’t know where you find that shit, but I’m still laughing at the well placed Bert gif. Kudos, Molly. Kudos.

    I invented what is commonly called the internet now in my dorm room 20 years ago, but I forgot to tell anybody and got drunk instead. True story.

    • I think my dude forwarded me that article. The Internet is fucking weird. Which explains why you created it!!! I need to know more about that story please. BLOG POST!!!

  3. I was really hoping for more detail…on that MJ stuff, of course! 😉 Alas, I cannot click that link lest I get flagged by the I.T. powers… Now I’m wondering why I didn’t get the email for the scientific trials. :/

    Wait… – LASTS 15 minutes or HAPPENS in 15 minutes? Because if it HAPPENS in 15, they need to make a male version! (To save my friggin’ jaw!)

  4. My husband is always coming up with crazy ideas and I always shoot him down. Then we see his idea somewhere and he gets pissed. Oops.

  5. Hee, Haw! My doc just gave me the ok on the medicinal stuff for my RA, I will now take it one step further and try this special cootchie potion. 🙂 Que en el mundo is right! I would add, Que Carajo en el mundo? LOL. Thanks for the laugh.

  6. 15 minutes could kill you! I once read about a woman wore a sneaky hidden vibe thing out shopping, and apparently she had such an intense moment in the fruit and veg aisle, she passed clean out on the floor and the shop staff called the paramedics…

  7. Stephanie L. says:

    I’ll take this as one more sign that it’s time to “legalize it” like Peter Tosh said…Gosh knows, a lot of happy women will be happy to ‘advertise it’ for the manufacturer of this little helper!

  8. I checked out the guy who wants to go up in a balloon, and there are a few things missing from his list of what he needs to buy. For one, he’ll need oxygen. And I personally would wear a parachute. I hope to God he doesn’t get off the ground with this.

    As for the lube, MJ is now legal here in WA. But I doubt they’d have this product in stores. If I used it, I’d probably just get sleepy or the giggles.

    • Arrrg I think I missed this! You are SO right – he does need several more items. Namely a safer idea ha! I’m not sure about that lube either but you have to be a CA resident anyway, so I’m SOL until it comes to GA. Pun completely intended : )

  9. That gif is absolutely hilarious in the context of the quote, which was your intention, obviously. I’ve been giggling about that the whole morning. Yes I giggle sometimes, I’m very secure in my manhood. Thanks for the massive smile on my face.

  10. 15 minute clima? Sounds kind of exhausting but I’d be willing to give it a go!

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