VIP Tuesday

Tuesday’s Very Important Poll:

Take a moment to live vicariously through Melissa McCarthy in this video, and then tell us…


This poll is totally anonymous.  Your mouse-peen boss will never know how you voted.


  1. My actual boss is pretty fucking cool. It’s the other assholes who think they’re my boss who I’d like to go all Melissa McCarthy on.

    • Hahaha – good for you! Except for the other dumbasses. My boss is really cool too – both of them actually – but this video makes me laugh so I can’t stand it. Can we please make “go Melissa McCarthy on someone” a thing? It should totally be a thing.

      • I watched that movie (again) over the weekend. I laughed so hard I snorted. And, yes, “go Melissa McCarthy on someone” should totally be a thing.

      • Hahaha I watched it last weekend too! That’s why it’s on my mind. Love love love Melissa McCarthy : )

  2. You never cease to amaze me and make me spill my coffee laughing… ! =) =)

  3. If it ever got that bad I’d find another job. Is that too simplistic of me? I’ve done it!

  4. I am my own boss, wait. Let me look down my pants. My balls must be even smaller than a mouse’s because I can’t find them! 🙂

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