Behind the Scenes at Petit Le Mans – Road Atlanta

All-access passes to anything cool usually don’t happen to me, BUT, since my brother is extra fabulous AND the Technical Inspector for IMSA -International Motor Sports Association, we spent Saturday at Petit Le Mans, which included the following:

First lap goodness…so loud it makes your sternum vibrate – yay!

A kick-ass pit stop…

Patrick Dempsey (obligatory):


These dudes getting it done at Porsche…


Mr. Konrad (gajillionaire) talking about important racing stuff – only including this because I was wealthy-adjacent for a minute.


Another pit stop because it’s the coolest shit EVER:

These three guys, because anyone who can work on top of each other under pressure deserves to be recognized.


Mr. Fire Extinguisher, because safety…

fire ext

Redneck Eggrolls.  No one needs to explain pulled pork, smothered in cole slaw, cheese and then deep-fried.

redneck egg roll

Night racing…even more exciting because their brakes glow in the dark…

And they have cool LED lights on them….


Giant monitors of terror that track everything…

computer hut

Winners circle and dudes burning tires…


After-race inspections…


And my brother in front of his big-ass IMSA truck…

jay and truck

For some guys it’s just another day at the office…

dudes on phones

I thought it was the hottest shit I’ve seen in a long time.

Fireworks never look or sound as amazing as they do when they have 9,475,294 horse power behind them…


  1. Now I want a redneck eggroll. Sounds tasty.

  2. I’ve only been on a racetrack once, and my gall bladder is still vibrating. So glad you got to experience it first hand! (The race, not my gall bladder). By the way, “wealthy-adjacent” is my new favorite word…

    • Hahaha – I’m sure! I heard engines screaming and downshifting in my head for three hours after we got home. Speed and noise are two of my favorite things! Feel free to use wealthy-adjacent as much as you like : )

  3. Racing is one of those things that can really only be appreciated by seeing it in person. It looks like a long day. Did they sell beer there? I didn’t see beer on the sign and there’s only so much sweet tea a person can drink before racing fans make them want to explode in a fit of anti redneck rage, probably.

    • It was a long day but it was so much fun! I wasn’t bored for one second – true story. And yes of course they sell beer, wine AND liquor. In fact, I think most people had beer for breakfast : )

  4. I don’t usually talk about the amount of time I’ve spent around cars because most people’s eyes glaze over. I’ve been around race cars for 20 years, from the track to the shop, from spectating to photographing to getting greasy. I just can’t help but get all giddy when that chest-rumbling sound vibrates the air. I have a friend (there’s always a friend, isn’t there) who works with race cars and high-end collector cars. It is so much fun to go visit him and hop from a D-type Jag to a Porsche to a Ferrari (and sometimes I even get to drive them-squeeee!).

  5. The thing you don’t realize until you’ve actually been to a race is how incredibly LOUD it is. You can’t tell from TV. I used to go to drag races when I was a kid and I’m surprised I’m not deaf.

    Brhaaaatssss. My kryptonite.

    • ExACTly! I love that sound – the louder the better. My brother was encouraging me to wear ear plugs (bc I’m his little sister) – no way! It makes me happy to read that so many other people love it too – yay!

  6. Someone may have already asked this but are you becoming an F1 fan too?

    • Yes! I love all things fast and dangerous : ). I just discovered your blog today thanks to Twitter (and thanks for the follow) – love it! Very impressed by the few posts i read today – nicely done : )

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