It’s time to even the score

The last two posts have featured helmet stickers for girls.

This week’s are for all the awesome dudes out there.

You defeat the lawn every week with heavy equipment, while sweating or freezing your balls off.  Great job!


You take out the trash, even when it smells like a monkey’s ass for no good reason and you’d rather move out.  You rock!


You’re smart enough to use Google maps, a GPS, or an atlas to get us to our destination so you don’t have climb into the shame box and ask for directions.  Nice work!


You spare us from having to touch the creepy crawly things that sneak into the house and threaten our sanity.  Way to go!


You go to the store alone to purchase tampons, for a hormonal woman who has cried at you, sworn at you, or both, while clamoring for wine, chocolate, or both, in a fit of rage about how she has to do EVERYTHING around here.  MVP!


If you earned all these stickers this week, you’re amazing.  You get to drink all the beer you want, and you should probably demand a blow job.

Go team Dudes!


  1. Based on this, I may be owed blowjobs retroactively.

  2. I recently killed a spider by squashing it with a tampon. Don’t worry about making a sticker for that, though.

  3. Hahaha, Ned! Gross. I won’t even say the word let alone purchase those things. I guess I lose 5 yards or something. The other day I freed a spider instead of killing it. I don’t think the wife was too impressed, but killing is wrong, if it can be avoided. There should be some sticker for that shit!! Lol.

  4. Yeah us! But thanks for reminding me that I have to go home and do the garbage….ugghhh

  5. A blow job procured by demand is usually so void of passion that it feels more like a medical procedure. At least, that’s what I’ve heard.

  6. Can you make a ‘dude, put together the damn flat-pack furniture’ sticker, please? I didn’t take it out of its wrapping and leave the instructions visible for the good of my health. That’s what the wine is for. Or maybe ‘thank you for putting together the damn flat-pack furniture’ would be more of a carrot?? 😉

  7. I wouldn’t get the last one…I got me some pride… And I pay someone to mow my lawn, does that still qualify for #1?

  8. Reblogged this on because it is okay to vent! and commented:
    hahaha yes you have to give it to the guys sometimes!

  9. We don’t appreciate them enough for doing all the crap we don’t want to do, this post has inspired me to write my significant other an “I appreciate you because…” list.

  10. Mollytopia, I adore the way you use your words and this post hits home for me lol.

    • Hey thanks a million – nice to meet you!

      • Nice to meet you as well! If you could spare your time, not much, I would be very interested in what you think of my blog. If you like debauchery, ostentatious dialogue, and alcohol, I think you may appreciate what I have to offer. I just recently started this blog and am testing my new found joy of writing; any feed back would be greatly appreciated.

      • Absolutely! Sounds like I will love it – I’ll check it out today : )

  11. Spiders make good pets and besides Master Lee says they are the master of the world of hide and seek.

  12. I saw the pictures very nicely with a new language full of meaning

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