Order of Seven

Holy shit – do y’all know Beth Teliho?  Ask her for her autograph now because she’s going to be famous SOON.

Like this famous:


I read her novel Order of Seven last week and I was hooked from the first sentence!  It’s a fantastic blend of mystery, adventure, and searching for one’s place in the world.  Her characters are beautifully complex, and the dialogue moves at the perfect pace for a story filled with such honest intensity.  Rich friendships, family ties unknown and discovered – love, loss, hope, fear – a thrilling tale that travels across the globe and takes your heart with it.  Kudos to Beth!


Here are the VIP links to get in touch with Miss Thang.

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I LOVE a good book.  What are you reading right now?
NaBloPoMo November 2015


  1. d-y-i-n-g!! Thank you SO MUCH for this gorgeous review, both here and on Amazon. I feel like I should send you cookies! I’m over-the-moon that you enjoyed Oo7. You have no idea. MWA oxoxoxoxo

  2. I keep telling her that pretty soon she’s going to forget all of us little people, but first I have to help her cast Baron. And by help, I’m going to need to make out with all of the hopefuls and very carefully decide who deserves to play my boyfriend.

  3. Right?! Bought mine months ago and totally loved it. When’s the next one coming out?!

  4. #espesciallybaron

    • Look at your cute avatar! I love that one, Elly.
      (funny story, my oldest son is reading Oo7 right now and this morning he said to my husband, “Dad, she described Baron just like you!” and my hubs got all excited and puffed up like a peacock until the son added, “He was wearing a Pearl Jam T-shirt” and then we realized he was talking about Ben. Hubs was very deflated after that. hahaha #everyguywantstobebaron

  5. Thank you for the recommendation. Bookaholic here!

    I finished The Great Gatsby 2 days ago and currently reminiscing my childhood with Enid Blyton (my forever author crush). My TBR pile keeps piling up and Order of Seven is going to add to it.

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