The Pen is not Mightier than the Lipstick

Anna:  Can I write my spelling words on the bathroom mirror in lipstick?

Me:  What?

Anna:  It’s for practice tonight – one of our options.

Me:  Sure.


We had to e-mail this photo to the teacher as “proof of homework.”  I love her.

Pen and paper is for bitches y’all.

What’s the most unusual homework assignment you or your kids have had?

NaBloPoMo November 2015


  1. Things have changed a lot since I attended school. Last time someone I know wrote with lipstick on a mirror, they spelled the words: redrum redrum redrum and then Johnny went insane…

  2. Once my children had to watch either a movie or a series and count how often the characters where swearing, how often they where violence scenes etc.

  3. I love her. I tell people she’s mine.

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