How to waste $500 in three seconds

Back into the parked car in your driveway….Boom.  $500 insurance deductible spent.


Go into house and notify fiance you have wrecked your car, by smashing into HIS.


Note that fiance is very bitter at news, and plan to purchase his favorite cookies later.


Drive away and pretend none of that happened.


Call insurance company and agree to pay $500 deductible.


What’s the dumbest thing you’ve done in your car?  Did it require an insurance claim?  

Note:  this post had 69 words until I added this sentence to laugh at the number “69.”

NaBloPoMo November 2015


  1. I’ve had 3 accidents backing into things, including one in a drive thru. Megan pulled into a parking spot and hit a car– the car I had rented while my wrecked car was being repaired. So we’ve had the double insurance claim, too!

  2. I backed into a cop car when I was 16. the cop had just come around a corner. He was pretty cool about it and actually was only mad that there wasn’t more damage so he could get a new car.

  3. I used to drive down the beach in NMB during the winter and jump the humps of sand that formed. Destroyed some things under the car, but it was fun. Of course, I did this again this past year, so it proves that fun trumps smart.

  4. Ouch! When i was 18 i crashed in to a tree.

  5. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Close to the same thing, but no comprehensive insurance so no deductible or insurance coverage for that mistake. Oopsy. 😕

  6. Oh no. I hope things will get better for you in the future!

  7. I left the sunroof open one night…during a thunderstorm.

  8. My mom was driving one of our many, many beaters and the front axle broke in two right in the middle of a busy street. My dad ended up spending more money on crappy cars than if he had just bought one new decent.

    So you think you can just appear after a three-month absence and garnish attention?

    Actually, when you write as well as you do, you can do exactly that.

    • Ohgoodlord! Were you in the car when that happened??? I hear ya on the beaters – we always had beater cars also. Well except for that one Cadillac paid for with drug money. It was princess green – very pretty 🙂 Thanks for cutting me some slack on my inconsistency. Life moves so fast I can’t keep up!

  9. Hate when that happens…

  10. Was late to something in Hollywood one night and got frustrated trying to park. By the time I found a place I steered into it much, much too fast and managed to hit the curb so hard with the tire that it exploded AND I dented the rim. ‘Cause if you’re gonna hit the curb you might as well hit it HARD AS F*CK. OH…and I had no spare tire…’cause you know 20 year old Volvo dude. xoxo

    • Hahahaha – I can totally imagine doing something like this myself. Let me guess what happened next. You swore, left the car there and went into the event. Car was handled after the event? That’s what I would have done…because, details.

  11. All I have is a bike, so I can only pretend to relate. On the other hand…all I have is a bike.

    • Oh I envy you right now! I don’t even remember the last bike I owned. Wow. I need to fix that. And my car. Thanks for the inspiration! You’re saving the planet – yay you!

  12. “Heh heh, at least I got him as good as he got me…D’oh!”

  13. I backed my moms car into our camper after totaling mine the month before…p.s. just totaled said car this afternoon on my way home from class!

  14. The very first day I took my car out, I was so excited. I had driven over to a friend’s house for the evening and reported back home shortly after dinner. I had felt so grown up, finally able to drive myself. Parked the car in the driveway and went inside to do homework. Several hours later, I heard my mother scream my full name; first, middle AND last. Immediately, I started thinking of anything I could have possibly done wrong in the past 24 hours. Turns out: I had forgotten to put my car in park. And naturally, our driveway was on an incline. (This partially was my car’s fault for letting the key out the ignition without the car being in park. Good ol’ Brenda). My mom had gone out to my car to retrieve my registration papers and at that precise moment, the car decided to roll down the driveway…and smash into the left side of the garage.
    Lesson learned: Always check that the car is in park.

    Several months later, I decided to make the right side match. Backed out of the garage too fast and too close…cue dent in the garage siding, piece of the siding ripped off, my passenger mirror cracked off. Even better, it took me several minutes to realize that I had actually hit something. I kept backing out and also hit the grill that was in the driveway. Got a nice little paint scratch down the side of my car from that.
    Lesson learned: Even if you’re late and in a rush, still drive cautiously.

    Shortly after that, I was with some friends and we decided to make a late night run to McDonald’s for french fries. As we were driving there, a bunch of things whose names I can’t remember broke simultaneously, along with a ball joint, and I was suddenly minus a tire. It was completely detached from the car, sliding underneath it, as I was going through McDonald’s drive-thru with no way to steer the car away from the building. (At the time I had thought I just dropped a muffler). Yanked the steering wheel as hard as I could and shoved the car into park – oh, the irony. I know, I probably should’ve used the E-brake, but at the time, I had no idea. What was worse, McDonald’s was closed. No french fries. Cue phone call to parents at 2:00 in the morning.
    Lesson learned: Don’t take your car on nighttime escapades if it is highly likely to fall apart.

    I’ve also gotten hit by a flying tire while driving, had two accidents, and had numerous other things fall apart at the most inconveniencing times (My favorite was losing my defrosters while driving in a snow storm.)

    Two weeks ago, my sister, who is now of driving age, backed out of the driveway while the neighbor was cutting down a tree. She over corrected to avoid the neighbor and…did not hit the garage. She hit a brick column on the side of the house instead. Cue snapping of passenger side mirror.

    Needless to say, the Kissel children are all exceptional at Mario Kart.

    • Omg this is hilarious!! And dangerous as shit!! You’re lucky to be alive. Mass Transit may be worth considering! Thanks for chiming in. Now I’m terrified to drive my car…

    • I sometimes feel Jesus gets so tired of me….because I seem to run to Him all the time with my problems, issues….But the great thing is I know He is there for me3l82&0;a#ways!Once again your words are encouraging.~Beth


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