Make the game your bitch


I read a post last night that made me feel like a real parental dumb-ass.  I want you to read it, too.  Not because I want you to feel like a dumb-ass, but because I’m interested in what the outcome of the game will be in your house.  It’s designed to help kids develop a positive self-image.  […]

International You’re Wonderful Day 2014


I gave some pri-tee solid advice recently on how to prevent dudes from slipping and falling into other vaginas…and then realized I haven’t done the first one on the list lately.  Shit! #1 reads as follows:  tell your guy he’s wonderful – give specific reasons – how and why. If telling him is good…then putting it […]

Where were you last night?


Oh shit y’all.  I went to my very first country music concert! SpecTACular people watching event.  Did you know only girls wear cowboy boots now?  I had no idea. Most of them were dressed like this: Some added their own flavor with sequins: Some added a calling card: And some were looking for a designated […]

Why guys slip and fall into other vaginas

oXYzZ - Imgur

This is a compilation of what I’ve heard from guys over the years.  Yours free of charge. Here’s how to avoid having your guy slip and fall into another vagina. 1.  Tell him he’s wonderful – give him specific examples of how and why. 2.  Suck his dick in the car, and make sure to […]

Why girls slip and fall on other dicks

oXYzZ - Imgur

This is a compilation of top complaints I’ve heard from girls over the years.  Yours free of charge. How to avoid having your girl slip and fall on another dick. If you’re not going to show up, call and say you’re not going to show up. If you’re going to be late, call and say […]

#TBThursday: why leg warmers will always reign supreme

Because this video…   Have an awesome Thursday, y’all! Love, Molly

I did not lose my virginity to a clown


This tidbit as well as some other important things about growing up on the circus can be found in my interview on the Kenny and Kylie Show.  I was their guest yesterday on the weekly podcast hosted by Kenny from Culture Monk and Kylie from The Journey of Kylie. There’s also some chatting about on-line dating […]


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