Clearly the Solution was Fire and Urine


She had collapsed in on herself and was sobbing at the table.  I patted her on the back in that awkward way which precisely conveys, “I don’t know what to do, or what to say, and I want to run from this emotional Hazmat scenario as fast as I can but I’m required by law […]

7 Truths That Make Parenting More Fun


Here’s the question I received:  “Does being a mom ever get fun?  My friend and I both have an infant and a toddler, and it’s so hard.  Please tell us the truth.” Sometimes being a mom sucks a giant butthole.  There – I said it for all of us.  Now let’s exhale together and know […]

Survivor’s guilt…


After all that hoopla yesterday about getting laid off, I got the call from my VP at the end of the day saying I’m safe!!! I still have my job, my paycheck, my benefits, and my tacky little office.  Yay!!!  I also still have my team member, who is the most amazing cohort in crime anyone […]

Getting laid….off?

F8Kwz - Imgur

I’m sure you’ve all see the exciting news that Turner is laying off a giant chunk of its employees this week.  This has prompted some worried texts, phone calls, DMs and e-mails from y’all.  Firstly thank you for caring, kumbaya, and group hug.  Secondly, we’ve all been aware of this upcoming chopping-block party for a while, so we’ve had plenty of time […]

Behind the Scenes at Petit Le Mans – Road Atlanta


All-access passes to anything cool usually don’t happen to me, BUT, since my brother is extra fabulous AND the Technical Inspector for IMSA -International Motor Sports Association, we spent Saturday at Petit Le Mans, which included the following: First lap goodness…so loud it makes your sternum vibrate – yay! A kick-ass pit stop… Patrick Dempsey (obligatory): […]

It’s time to even the score


The last two posts have featured helmet stickers for girls. This week’s are for all the awesome dudes out there. You defeat the lawn every week with heavy equipment, while sweating or freezing your balls off.  Great job! You take out the trash, even when it smells like a monkey’s ass for no good reason and […]

More Helmet Stickers for Girls


You scoop or pick up dookie that isn’t human – you rock! You make food appear in the magic box in the kitchen – hooray! You work for a normal-sized boss during the day, and then work for one or more tinier bosses all night – way to go! You do nice things with the adult penis in your house – you’re the best! If […]


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