Why guys slip and fall into other vaginas

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I wanted to put why girls slip and fall on other dicks and this post together, but I didn’t think “slip and fall onto other genitals” would be as catchy.  My dude is charming and fabulous, and I’m being my usual smart-assy self.  Here’s how to avoid a guy slipping and falling into another vagina. […]

Why girls slip and fall on other dicks

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Here’s how you can avoid it. If you’re not going to show up, call and say you’re not going to show up. If you’re going to be late, call and say you’re going to be late. Don’t ogle other women in front of her.  That’s what porn is for. If she invites you to anything, […]

#TBThursday: why leg warmers will always reign supreme

Because this video…   Have an awesome Thursday, y’all! Love, Molly

I did not lose my virginity to a clown


This tidbit as well as some other important things about growing up on the circus can be found in my interview on the Kenny and Kylie Show.  I was their guest yesterday on the weekly podcast hosted by Kenny from Culture Monk and Kylie from The Journey of Kylie. There’s also some chatting about on-line dating […]

Vacation Bucket List: Show Butt to Strangers


The conversation usually goes like this: “Hey babe – can you watch the kids for a bit? I need to go to the store for a few things.” Not like this: “Hey babe – can you watch the kids for a bit? My ass broke and I need to go to the doctor.” I prefer […]

Why You Should Have Sex Immediately.


I was floating around the pool sipping my boat drink thinking about sex, like I do, and my thoughts drifted to this specific question:  why are women so powerful and outspoken in every area of their lives except their sexuality? This is on my mind for two reasons: 1.  I read a fascinating article about […]

What to do when You’re a Creepy Mouth-Breather


Read Twindaddy’s answers to the Saturday 9 questions and then play the game.  Btw, he’s not the creepy mouth-breather.  I am.  But just for today.  The trees are mating and the pollen is so thick the last time I could breathe through my nose was Thursday.  Obviously this means I can’t leave the house.  Also […]


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