This video is beyond genius.


The snarkhole in me is so overwhelmed I don’t even know where to begin.

Maybe with Best Camel Toe in 100 years?

The nice human in me actually loves this woman.

If someone has the balls, and it looks like she does, to prance around a busted-ass golf course to a fantastically horrific soundtrack wearing exercise pants AND a necklace of that size, and encourage me to do the same, I respect it whole-heartedly.

The wig is a nice touch as well.

Please don’t give up before you see the gallop starting around 2:30.  It will change your life.

If you need to know how it all began, she wrote a book!

If  you need to become a Preferred Member of the Prancercise club, it’s only $50 a month!

I don’t understand how things like this happen, but I’m riveted.

I’ll leave you with this vision because that’s the kind of friend I am.



  1. Oh my! Before this morning, the funniest thing I’d ever seen on a golf course was a poodle trying to fuck an unwilling racoon, but this may be better! The state of that golf course makes me sad though.

  2. Love it! I’m torn between whether someone given the title of “Best Camel Toe Ever” should be offended or honored! Lol!

    That’s going to be my new workout routine. Don should try it, too. Looks MUCH better than crunches!!!

  3. A friend sent me that video yesterday, but I had no idea there was a book! I think I’m going to buy it for the cover alone. The fact that she can help me gain physical and spiritual excellence is just gravy.

    Grab your stretch pants and your wig, summon your inner horse, and we will begin the journey of a lifetime. Are.You.Ready??

  4. Miss Molly says:

    I love this! I’m out to buy some Prancy Pants this morning and will then head to my nearest golf course with my old boom box set on 80s rock. I’ve been waiting for this exercise program my whole life and the f-ing golfers can just get outta my way! Oops, that wasn’t very spiritual. I didn’t mean you, Tiger. Go ahead. You can prance through.

    Honestly, she doesn’t look any funnier than middle-aged guys in bicycling Spandex, and I’ve seen a lot of weird things on golf courses. Always fun to see grown men throw tantrums and then pitch their clubs in the water.

    Thanks for getting me up and at ’em this morning, girl!

  5. Saw this the other day and I was so jealous that I didn’t invent this. I would have been a viral sensation by now.

  6. God help me, I can’t make myself unsee that.

  7. This is performance art, yes?

  8. I CANNOT STOP WATCHING THIS! Cannot stop. Seriously, I was supposed to leave for a dinner 10 minutes ago, and I still haven’t even showered because of this video. Prancercise may be the end of me.

  9. bwahaha. . . all I can say is WTF??? You are sooo right about the camel toe! I want to know how much $$$ she has made off this shizzle!

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  12. LOL…Why was I inexplicably riveted by this? I’m inspired to try it camel toe and all just so I can see (and enjoy) peoples faces when I prance by. You can tell that she really has “found her purpose in life to be able to pull this off and clearly, she does!

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