Prada, I’m delighted. And concerned.

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The pink dress on the right is hotter than hot shit and I want it.  I want the bag, too.

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I also want this jacket, even though I think she’s fondling her nipple.  Or maybe because she’s fondling her nipple.  I’m not sure.

That was the delighted part.

Here is the concerned part.

Who approved this terrifyingly stupid Prada Women’s Video Campaign?

Apparently I’m the only one clamoring about the fact that dumb words don’t mix with fashion. Other people are thrilled Prada models are trying out acting.  

Hey, I know.  Don’t.

Everyone knows models shouldn’t talk.  That video is a great example of why.  Be pretty.  The end.

And seriously?  This Sunglasses Video looks like a bad video game ad that runs in a movie theatre, before the trailers even start.


I’m also deeply upset with whoever dreamed up these awful letters to monogram otherwise perfectly good (albeit entirely overpriced, nylon) bags.

Has the entire line been hijacked by millennials and hipsters?

Even the Mens’ spring 2014 line broke my heart.  I had to stop there.  They fucked up black, which should have been a beacon of hope in a sea of hibiscus blooms and unpleasant prints.

I don’t know what in the hell is happening at Prada, but I want it to stop.



  1. Is listless and gaunt the new chic?

    • I guess? I’ll never be either, but I still want the dress : )

      • Oh the merchandise was lovely, it was the women. They didn’t look like they’d be a whole lot of fun at a happy hour where only beer was being served. Not my crowd I guess. Lol.

      • Not my crowd either. Those girls eat tissue paper and cotton balls (serious) so they don’t want real food. Fuck that, capital F. I love beef, cheese and butter – no fantsy designer ever changing that. Trust.

  2. I’m so Prada you for not falling prey to the hippster trend.

    Yes, I did that… 😉

  3. I agree with you it is really nice. I would love to have it in my closet as well.

  4. I suppose Prada could show one of there models taking a dump in any of there bags and there would still be people standing in line to get them. I think for some companies there comes a point where they can say or do whatever they want and people will still buy them. With of course the exception of Abercrombie and Fitch. (I imagine I probably spelled that wrong)

  5. Those girls look so bitter to be in the ads. Can you arrange a meeting?

  6. Multi-talented. Prada is -not- it.

  7. What the $%!$^& did I just watch? I honestly don’t know…it seemed like a student film directed and written by someone who knows nothing about people or film or words.

  8. Once again, not a fashionista, but thinking the pink gingham thing looks like something you’d make kitchen curtains out of. Sorry! 😦 I know that wasn’t really the point of this entry, but since I can’t stream at work and watch the videos, I had to throw a smart ass comment in about something!! lol

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