Mustaches, Man Health and Cash

Hey it’s Movember – there are teams and individual mustache growers everywhere raising awareness and money for mens’ health.  Hooray!

Anna and I are raising awareness only.


But we donated money to Big Daddy Jason from The Life of JWo.  He goes by that name in my mind only.  You can join the party and support this cause and his efforts by clicking here.

He gives you cookies.  So he’s kind of like a Girl Scout, but way cooler because he has a mustache.

If you would like some real information about mens’ health, you’ll need to click away from my blog now.  I don’t know anything about prostates or men’s mental health.  I just know you need to get your shit checked regularly.

Go do it, mkay?

NaBloPoMo November 2013


  1. I won’t let a man stick anything in my butt. I’m sorry, but there’s no turning back from that. Your daughter, however, is hilariously adorable.

  2. THIS. Is. Awesome!! I love the mustaches on you two!!

    Thanks Molly!! Thank you for the nickname, even if it’s in your mind only, the shout out and most importantly the donation.

    I still intend on getting cookies to you and Anna!!

  3. I got my boobs squeezed this morning…does that count?

  4. LOL! …”get your shit checked regularly”… no pun intended, right? Hubby gets his shit checked once a year. He’s a 10 year cancer survivor (not prostate) and knows that early detection is the key. Suck it up guys. Like Nike says, just do it!

    • Haha no pun intended, but I’m so glad it’s there : ) Hooray your husband is a cancer survivor – that’s so great to read! And yes early detection on everything seems to be one of the biggest factors on staying healthy.

  5. You and Anna look adorable in your Mo’s!! Love it 🙂

  6. That pic is priceless.

  7. who is them ?

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