Holy shitfire!

I’m officially spending forever with this awesome, smart, handsome, and hilarious guy!


Wearing this ring!


And the ear-to-ear smile in the first photo!


Obviously there were pranks and rabbits involved in the proposal – it was perfect!

Note:  I promise not to turn this blog into a festering wedding planning wound.  It will be the same nonsense you’re used to, but with better pictures because my fiance (WHUT?!) is a way better photographer than me.

What’s your proposal story?  If you don’t have one yet, what’s your dream proposal?


  1. Congratulations! I can feel your happiness from here 🙂
    I didn’t have a proper proposal. It was all very casual. One night, he just said, “We should probably pick a date.” So we did. Then we called some people. Sometimes I think it would be cool to have a better story, but then, this one suits us.
    Stunning ring 😀

  2. Whoa, that’s awesome! Congrats!

    I proposed in Sydney, during the New Years’ fireworks, so that was kinda cool, too. No rabbits, though. Do kangaroos count?

    Enjoy the wedding planning stage and all the fun that comes with that!

  3. LuAnne Carmichel says:

    Aaaahhhhhhhh!!!!! Fabulous! I wish you both the mostest happiness ever!!!! And more rabbits and pranks than you could ever imagine!!!

  4. Oh squeals – congrats my friend – awesome. I wish you all of the happiness in the world!
    My mom/dad’s proposal story is interesting. They dated 16 years – that’s right dated not lived together. Dad proposed to mom on Valentine’s Day in 2004. Mom was so sick and they couldn’t even celebrate but she said yes. That next month, dad was in a bad car accident and ended up in the ICU for 12 weeks. Several times he was close to passing. During that time, he can’t asking mom, “Are you sure you want to marry me?” When he was a lot better and fixing to go to a regular floor, mom asked him to marry her. All of the nurses were watching from the window. Dad said yes. He got out of the hospital in late July that year. They were married in September and have been together every since. ❤ XOXO – Bacon

  5. Um… I wanna hear The Story. Especially the bunny part.

  6. Woot! Woot! Felicidades, Molly! How very exciting. You can see the happiness in your face as well as his. 🙂 Beautiful ring, too.

    My engagement involved my husband and his parents driving two hours in a snow storm to ask my very strict father for my hand in marriage. Luckily, he said YES! 🙂

  7. NotAPunkRocker says:


  8. Congrats!!! He’s adorable. And that ring. Dayum!!!!

  9. Congrats! Gorgeous ring. 🙂
    Mine happened kind of accidentally – I’ll have to confirm with my husband but the way I remember it, he said he wanted to start looking for a house and hoped that I would join him; whereby I exclaimed (or asked), “Does that mean we’re getting married!?” Then he said he guessed he’d have to get me a ring and his version is that I asked HIM. I don’t 100% agree but, whatever! 😀

  10. He’s super lucky!

  11. Part of me will miss super amazing single mother Molly, but I’m super stoked for you right now. He’s a lucky duck and I’m sure you are too. He seems like good people…he better be *shakes fist at fiance in place of dad* Lol.

    I proposed to the wife during a Cardinals playoff game (that’s baseball, if you’re not following). Anyway, she worked in the great seats behind home plate and snuck me beers in my seats just outside of those awesome seats. When I was finally hammered enough to ask her, the Cards were either winning or it may have been tied. Anyway, when I got to one knee I was all, “Wife, will you take this ri…” and then Craig Counsell, who played for the Diamondbacks, hit a home run and I was all, “Wife, will you take this ri..FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!!! ring and make me the luckiest man ever?” or something. Lol. She must have been delirious from the heat and work, because she said yes.

    • What????? I’ll still be my super amazing self!!! I might even be better than my right now self!!! Thank you for shaking your fist on my behalf : ) OMG that proposal story is ah may zing. Of course you were drunk and shouting “fuck” repeatedly hahahaha. Only you, Don – I love it!

  12. Taylor white moffitt says:

    Girl, you’ve waited a long time to find happiness and I’m BEYOND thrilled that you have. You deserve it, every last drop. And he must be f’ing fantastic because I know you have great taste. My husband was going to propose on top of our favorite hike, then realized he was too bloody nervous and asked me coming out of the bathroom😜. The best part is after 18+ years I wake up happy and grateful most days and hardly even remember the things like the proposal or our wedding day. Enjoy that you found someone who makes you laugh, appreciates you and is on your team. Yay Molly! And Anna!

    • Aw thanks, Taylor. Yes, he is extra fabulous and I’m over the moon about having a permanent partner in crime : ) He makes me laugh 4,000 x a day – hooray! I love that your husband asked you coming out of the bathroom – what a hoot! It’s hard to believe that was 18 years ago. Where does the time go??? Congratulations on the finding the love of your life so young! XO

  13. YAY!! Congratulations!! Proposal story – Scott took me out to a sports bar for dinner (he’s a romantic) and then we went on a walk. We sat on a park bench and asked me to marry him. Simple and sweet and a sports bar was involved. Ha!

  14. Aww congratulations! Beautiful ring too! I’ve never been engaged, but Ive made The Bloke promise that he won’t ever do it in public in the future! Happy planning!

    • Oh I totally agree – being in public would have caused me to have a cardiac event. I hope it’s perfect when The Bloke pops the question : ) Thanks for your kind words!

  15. FUCK YEAH! Congrats Molly!!!
    …and thank you, thank you for your commitment to not make this blog about all thing wedding. A million thank yous.

  16. Congratulations!

  17. Some people learn out of the mistakes of others, they are the intelligent ones. Some learn out of their own, those are the wise ones. Some repeat their mistakes. Hope you fall in neither category and just don’t do mistakes. All the best.


  19. congrats!!! I do hope it’s as forever as it seems to be now…nice rock btw

  20. Molly and fiancé
    Sittin’ in a tree

  21. Congrats…!!!

  22. Congrats !! I want my proposal to be on the Eiffel Tower 🙂 haha hey a girl can dream right !

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  24. Ooh…shiny!

  25. F. P. Grimm says:

    Yep, after double-digit months of contented observation and appreciation, this is the post to rouse me to engagement (as it were):

    Biggest, grandest and most spectacular congratulations, Miss Molly. The fabulous babe that you are deserves nothing less!

    And, you, Mr. Molly, you ridiculously lucky sumbitch, you got yourself the Golden Ticket there, boy, so don’t forget to daily thank the entity of your choosing for such outrageous good fortune.

    • Well thank you so much Mr. F.P. Grimm. What a staggeringly lovely comment! Who ARE you? I only see your gravatar – no links to a blog or other social media. Perhaps it’s intentional – who doesn’t love a mystery reader? Thank you again – I’m super happy to know you’re out there keeping an eye on me : )

      • F. P. Grimm says:

        Aw, shucks, Miss Molly, you do go on.

        Who am I? Hm…well, to paraphrase one of your fellow Southerners of Letters, I’m just a lazy, drunken Jew with a heart full of hate, with nothing in mind but falling in love and not getting arrested. 😉

        A blog? Certainly not—just a humble admirer, no practitioner I.

      • Hahahaha! Oh my gahhhhd – friends for LIFE!!!!! Please, please start a blog : ). “Drunken Jew with a heart full of hate” may be the best phrase EVER!

      • F. P. Grimm says:

        You say, “friends for LIFE!!!!!”?
        I say, “Yes, please, ma’am.”

        (Of course, you will come to regret tendering the offer, but, I nonetheless accept with all due humility and discomfited flattery. You’re awful swell, Miss Molly. 😉 )

      • Please start your blog!!

      • F. P. Grimm says:

        Doo-wee Jesus, Miss Molly! AGAIN with the blog? (Y’know, it really does seem a bit early in our relationship for you to already be hocking me. 😛 )

      • Wait. Where I’m from “hocking” means leaving something of value at a pawn shop with a sincere yet misguided intention of returning with a grand sum of money to reclaim said item, but never having enough money to do so, which causes the person to wilt into a heap of shame forever more. Is there another meaning to “hocking”? This is fascinating!

      • F. P. Grimm says:

        Such a sympathetic yet spot-on portrait of the pawn shop experience. Marvelous.

        There is, indeed, an additional definition of “hocking”. (There well could be more than two meanings, but, not being a linguist/semanticist/etymologist, I am only aware of the two.) In Yiddish, “hocking” means “banging”. (That is, “banging” in the sense of noise. Do raise your head from the gutter for a moment, won’t you? 😉 ) A common Yiddish expression for causing a ruckus or making a scene is “hocking a tcheinek” (literally, “banging a pot”). In the context of “hocking” a person, the “noise” is the prodding/badgering/harassing/pestering (alternatively, “noodging”) of someone. So, in my original usage, the meaning (playfully—only playfully) is, “It’s too early in our relationship for you to be hectoring me—about starting a blog or anything else.”

        Amusingly (or not), in a Three Stooges movie (which one I cannot recall), both meanings of “hocking” are used: Moe Howard (ne Horowitz) tells Larry Fine that he is going to the pawnbroker. Larry replies that he’ll go, too, because, “I want to hock a tcheinek.” Hilarity ensues (or not).

        Here concludes today’s labored Hebraic tutorial.

  26. I am So Happy for you both, Molly! What did you give HIM in return?
    Oh, wait… I think I know… 😉

  27. Congrats, Molly! This is wonderful news. Best wishes for a happy life together.

  28. Congrats! You look so incredibly happy in that pic…both of you. And….ummm….nice rock 😉

  29. Of course you realize that from now on, your fiancé (soon to be husband) will have to hold hands with you on your right side. To balance out the rock you’ve now got on your left side. *grin*

  30. Congratulations! Best of luck going forward!

  31. I’m so happy for you! Love wins!
    (now if I come visit, does he have a brother?)

  32. Congratulations to both of you!

  33. Congratulations!!! Enjoy your engagement!

  34. Congratulations! Everyone deserves that special someone who can make them happy like you are!!

  35. Beautiful ring, great guy what more do you want
    successful marriage

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