How gross is your love?

I came across this list and I must know your opinions on the 11 Gross Signs That Your Relationship Has Reached It’s Peak Comfort Level.

It’s only fair that I answer, too, so here, I’ll go first:

1. There’s no demanding need to shave.


Um, yes there is.

2. You fart in front of each other.

Yes, but in my defense  I was on drugs and tethered to a wall.

3. Poop is discussed in any capacity.



4. Period talk, especially the non-judgmental kind, is acceptable.


5. You pee with the door wide open.


6. You let him pee in the shower when you shower together.


If this is happening I don’t know about it.  I prefer to keep my focus on the real purpose of showering together:  sex.

7. Morning breath doesn’t gross you out.


False – I keep gum on my bedside table.  I like to be minty fresh as I walk to the bathroom to brush my teeth.

8. A new hobby involves popping his pimples.


No.  Not happening.

bonus:  here’s the most disgusting video in the history of ever on this very topic.

9. Sickness doesn’t make kissing off-limits.


Define “sickness.”

Common cold = okay.  Vomiting = my lips just broke.

10. Weight gain isn’t a big deal.


True.  We like each other for who we are, and we’re finally old enough to realize we have bigger fish to fry.  And eat.

11. Despite all of this, you still find your partner sexy.


Totally true.

Your turn!  Which gross things are okay in your relationship?  Which ones will never be okay in your relationship?  Do you have any other gross things to add to the list?


  1. I once was asked to get a tick out – ticks are arachnidae – and I am arachnophobic – that was a not going to happen for me.

  2. If momma isn’t going out somewhere and she shaves, like on a Tuesday night, then it generally means my chances of nookie go up exponentially. As for the others, pissing while the other person is in the shower isn’t comfortable, it’s fucking disgusting. Who are you to even think that’s okay? I agree with you on the others as well I think. I’ll pop my own pimples, if I ever get them, but you get your own pimples and pick your own scabs thank you very much!

    • That is priceless: shaving = higher potential for getting laid – I love it! I agree I really don’t want anyone’s pee on me – I got enough of that when Anna was an infant thanks. Amen on everyone managing their own blemishes and general hygiene. Word!

      • A friend of mine played minor league ball for a Cubs affiliate (that’s baseball, Molly) and was on the road once when he met a young lady who asked him if she could pee on him and then if he would do the same to her. He said he wasn’t sure what to do, so agreed to it in the shower I think, and all below the neck. He tells the story way better than I can remember it right now, but I’m guessing she must have been really, really, really, smoking, really hot. Lol.

      • Blehck. No thanks! But I bet it made for an awesome tale : )

  3. Yup. He doesn’t comment on the fact I haven’t shaved my legs, I don’t mention his facial hair. Farting is a daily part of our conversation. He has no problem with getting tampons for me from the store.

    One thing though… We’ve lived together for years and I still haven’t, and will never poop in front of him…

    Loved your post Molly!

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  5. How gross is your love?
    (is your love..)
    How gross is your love?
    I really mean to learn

    Video link is busted, which is probably a good thing. I know it’s supposed to be a beautiful miracle but I found childbirth pretty rough going. If your love can survive watching a human crawl out of your partner, it can survive just about anything.

  6. Wait, sex in the shower doesnt involve peeing? Someone has some splainin to do.

    Thats an awesome video. We love watching those and this was hilarious for the commentary. Most usually have a doctor narrating. did you ever see the one with the one on a horse’s butt?

    Anyway, we had sex after watching gross zit videos once. So maybe add that to the list?

  7. I’m surprised the good old “sharing a toothbrush” wasn’t on the list. But I actually think we’ve crossed most of the above. In fact, I’m yet to find a way to stop my wife from popping the occasional pimple somewhere on my back or shoulders whenever she discovers it (hey, you asked!). Maybe I should start peeing in the shower as punishment!

  8. this is so true! I find myself doing these things and I’m like WOW we are close.

  9. I don’t know whether to laugh or be worried of how many of these gross things apply to my relationship but definitely the main one I could relate to is popping pimples. As much as my boyfriend hates it, deep down he knows how beneficial my popping helps out his complexion. Pimple popping is definitely the new way of saying ” I love you”.

  10. Yup. We’re pretty darn comfortable. But if one of us is sick, kissing only happens on the cheek.

  11. I’m still recovering from the zit video…

  12. i love this..😊☺☺

  13. I love “4. Period talk, especially the non-judgmental kind, is acceptable.”

  14. NO. 9 is my uhm no…yup my lips are broken!


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