Why guys slip and fall into other vaginas

This is a compilation of what I’ve heard from guys over the years.  Yours free of charge.

Here’s how to avoid having your guy slip and fall into another vagina.

1.  Tell him he’s wonderful – give him specific examples of how and why.

2.  Suck his dick in the car, and make sure to put your feet up so other guys can see your pedicure and wish they were him.

3.  Have your own friends and spend time with them.

4.  If you’re close enough to touch his dick, you should be touching his dick.

5.  Have your own goals and work toward them.

6.  Give him the remote.  Just give it.  Always – doesn’t matter.

7.  Say yes to sex unless you’re truly so ill you may vomit on him.

8.  Let him drive the car, and park the car, without offering any directions or advice.

9.  Learn his codes i.e. “Maybe” means “almost yes” and “I don’t know” means “I want to say no.”

10.  If you don’t remember the last time you told him you’re so lucky to be with him, put a condom in his wallet.

The easiest guy in the room isn’t the best dressed guy buying drinks for all the ladies.  It’s the well-mannered guy who feels taken for granted and doesn’t understand why.

oXYzZ - Imgur

The is a Public Service Announcement.  The more you know…


  1. You are the best, Molly.

  2. Word x2.

  3. I thought the easiest guy was the one who was awake? 😉

  4. Oh my Molly, I think I have a crush on you! Lol. How did you know that maybe means almost yes, because it totally does.

  5. The felatio-and-feet-on-dashboard move. Now that’s limber.

  6. lawrencewinans says:

    I am guessing that in # 7, the word YES is supposed to fall after “Say”?

    Otherwise, you truly understand men. Indeed I think you may be the only woman who does. Are you doing anything this weekend?

  7. lawrencewinans says:

    One more, “If you fight then maybe one out of every ten or twenty times assume you could be wrong and apologize. Even the absolutely worst Bastard is right some of the time and if only one partner apologizes it isn’t good for a relationship. Saying “If I said something which you think hurts you then I am sorry you think that way” is NOT an apology.

  8. Yesssssss!

    • : )

    • De acoapdurlenemente con 80.103.11 y quiero preguntarle al Sr. Pepe G, según sus teorías ¿justificaría la matanza de todo el pueblo vasco por tener un grupo terrorista? Añadiría que además de la ignorancia y la mentira que demuestra es evidente que la muerte del inocente le tiene sin cuidado.Con esa forma de pensar solo se engendra violencia y, por supuesto, que no es el camino para la paz.

  9. Hahahaha this is awesome. Although I’d still like to offer “advice” In the car and not have to lose him to another vagina. I mean….think if all the annoying things I put up with and I’m not riding every other cock I see, amirite?

  10. Sally Woodward says:

    Brilliant! I’ve been “advising” a girlfriend on husband issues, and she will be reading this post. Men are not complex creatures. They are all about sex, ego stroking, and more sex. I love being that girl!!!!

    • Hooray! Thanks for stopping by : )

    • lawrencewinans says:

      Sally, As a guy I have to say you’re right. Yet women are always asking the question, “What are you thinking, what are you feeling?” Then when we grunt, women think we are hiding our thoughts, feelings. We’re not hiding anything, we just aren’t thinking or feeling. If we’ve been fed, have had sex within the last 24 hours and have control over the TV remote, we have no need to think, and don’t. We’re really quite simple.

  11. great post!

  12. You do not really believe that crap you wrote, do you? It is sick! Like a relationship of two animals, not human beings having souls.

  13. hahaha, reading this with my boyfriend, very funny read :’D


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