Where were you last night?

Oh shit y’all.  I went to my very first country music concert!


SpecTACular people watching event.  Did you know only girls wear cowboy boots now?  I had no idea.

Most of them were dressed like this:


Some added their own flavor with sequins:


Some added a calling card:


And some were looking for a designated driver, which is how I ended up standing in a sea of draft beer and “wooooooot!”  I’m sure you remember Alana from her divorce party, and that time we crashed her ex-husband’s wedding.  Here she is with her pals, Laura and Jenn.


Keeping it classy with pearls.

The venue was perfect.  It was half concert, half giant lawn party.


Obviously, that’s an ideal place to vomit and pass out before the concert begins:


Everyone else continued to get their party on while Cole Swindell and Lee Brice played.  Hours of country music + beer + sunset = romance.  Couples that looked like this in the daylight…


Looked like this two hours later:


Then everyone lost their damn mind when Luke Bryan, the main star, appeared on stage.


And y’all, I totally understand why – he’s a fantastic performer!  He can sing, play piano AND guitar…and he was taking selfies with his fans’ phones WHILE singing!  That’s impressive.  He also changed shirts in less than a minute while no one was looking…He’s a big deal.  Here he is in all his country music star glory, on the monitor:


The crew I was with, and the entire crowd, knew every…single…word…to every song.  And they weren’t afraid to sing along.  It was awesome.  People were dancing and hopping around like kids at Christmas the moment they recognized the next song.  It was quite a show.  I’d never even heard of Luke Bryan before last night, and I had a huge smile on my face the whole time.  He’s that good.

I also got to hang out with one of my super besties, and make sure she and her friends got home safely.  Total win.


Do you like my Sheena Easton hair? Humidity is a bitch.

Also?  If I hadn’t gone to that concert I never would have seen all these trucks.


Where were you last night?  Do you have a favorite concert experience?


  1. WOW, looks like an awesome time !!!!!! =) =) I love those outside concerts and the energy… could do without the barfing ladies, though. =) My best country concert experience was seeing Toby Keith in the 90’s… crazy crowd, good times had by all.

    Great snaps, fun post, so glad you had a wonderful time ! =) =)

  2. Hooray – it was totally fun! I’ve heard Toby Keith is awesome in concert..and the reason I heard that is because once upon a time I worked at Lone Star Steakhouse and Saloon haha.

  3. Loving the hair! And more importantly, cowboy boots and calling cards… I think I need to go to one of these. I wonder if there are any tours in the UK?

  4. That’s too heartbreaking for me to bear. I’m going to pretend you said, “I’m working on it right now at this very moment!”

  5. Don’t know Luke Bryan and you were the designated driver? After nearly two years, you’ve finally written something that doesn’t make me think the world of you even more. Lol. I went to George Strait country music festival at Texas Stadium back in 98 I think when I lived in Dallas. It was the concert where Tim McGraw came out and kissed Faith Hill in public for the first time I believe. I was tanked, but she was incredibly smoking hot. It was an all day ordeal and rocked. Plus, I like Sheen Easton and people who look like her too.

    • Hahaha – yes! I was just going to drop them off and let them uber home, but then one of the girls couldn’t go and I had already offered to drive! It was totally fun anyway : ) Faith Hill is gorgeous. And I’m glad you like Sheena Easton ha!

  6. Sounds like a great show! I have way too many concert experiences t share here.

    Gee, maybe I should start a blog… 😉

  7. You do! And your blog is my next stop 🙂

  8. Sounds like a great day and night! Love the before and after shots – and puke and pass out girl 🙂 Fail 🙂

  9. I love live music! It’s not an outdoor concert unless several people vomit and pass out!

    • Hahaha – I think you’re right about that! When are you coming to Atlanta????


        But first, I have to go to Boston and North Carolina.

        Then Texas in October. In between, I will try to schedule Atlanta. This is probably a dumb question, but is it warmer there in the winter than it is in the Northeast?

  10. Strut, pout, put it out
    That’s what you want from women…

    Ack! Sheena Easton earworm! Make it STOP!

    It just so happens that last night, My Bride and I impulse-purchased lawn seats to a KISS concert (Samara, at the PNC Arts Center). We looked at each other and said…seriously?? KISS? Why not…

    Let me tell you something, Molly…every one should make going to a KISS concert a top priority before they’re dead. The music might be God-awful but those dudes know how to put on a spectacular. Do you know how every concert has a grand finale before the band leaves the stage? With KISS, EVERY SONG is a grand finale. They throw it all in your face. I am ruined for concerts.

    • That’s awesome!!! Can you believe that I have actually seen them – in Myrtle Beach??? Music is terrible but the make-up alone is worth going for : )

      • We wanted the best?
        We got the best!
        The hottest band in the land…

        For real. How often do you feel you got your money’s worth? And I barely know their music! I love theatrics and they’re the masters.

  11. From the time I was very young, I wanted a career in country music. Went to my first country concert at age 4. I applied to work at the local country station when I was 16 and they shot me down. I grew up, the station was sold and rebranded, and I got a job there. I worked my way up to promotions head and spent 10 years there. I’ve worked lots of big ticket shows. Luke is a really nice man. Fair singer, great entertainer.

  12. Molly, you have just provided me with ample reason to attend a country music concert, despite a complete distaste for country music. I must see this in person.

  13. onetreenotaforest says:

    This made me snort coffee out my nose ! I was there Friday night, and it is exactly as you described it ! For reasons that can only be chalked up to insanity, I thought my 11 year old would enjoy it. I also took my 25 year old and my sister. The 11 year was traumatized and ultimately ended up sitting on the blanket and playing a game on her phone until I left early to take her to the car so she would not be trampled by a bunch of boot-wearing drunks ! But let me just say – that is one pretty man…guitar, piano, voice, oh my…
    and one final note — a lot of those in attendance either have circus mirrors in their homes, or no mirrors at all !!! YIKES
    still love your blog !!

  14. Holy shit these pictures are epic! I used to live just north of Atlanta (Canton) so odds are that you probably ran into some of my relatives at the concert. They would have been the ones drinking Miller Light. Hope that narrows it down for you a bit 😉 Great blog!

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